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   Chapter 96

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No one dared to speak seeing the tension between the Emperor and his first son. Even those magicians and representatives of ancient families didn“t dare to interrupt.

Glenn continued his speech.

"Everyone knows that the kingdom is divided by factions because of the on-going struggle for the position of crown prince. The factions can be divided among Lucas, me, and the neutral ones. But amidst everything, another faction has already been made even before the start of this struggle. That faction is none other than yours!"

He pointed towards his father, the Emperor. Such actions would thereby result to an execution but because Glenn was the first prince, the royal guards didn“t dare to make a move unless the Emperor told them to.

It was the trusted right minister of the Emperor who first shouted an order.

"Pointing fingers and accusing the Emperor is a crime punishable by our laws! Even if you are the first prince, we shall execute the punishment onto you! Thus, I order the guards to arrest Prince Glenn!"

Just when the royal guards were about to lay their hands on Glenn, the latter waved his right hand and a ring of fire appeared around him. It startled the guards and made them move back and away from Glenn. But, the ring of fire didn“t last long since Glenn wasn“t that well verse in magic unlike Lucas. Glenn only learned a little bit of magic and because he has a fire attribute, he was able to execute some moves. However, his field of interest and focus is really in politics.

When the ring of fire disappeared, Glenn narrowed his eyes as he was looking at the right minister.

The right minister handles all the financial resources of the kingdom and was loyal to the current Emperor. In the kingdom“s history, most of the official position in the kingdom was replaced by the current Emperor when the previous one died. The right minister was also one of those that the current Emperor favored and gave a position. As such, Glenn didn“t really like this old man who wanted to harm him.

The right minister didn“t back down from Glenn“s glare.

"This is clearly a rebellion! Guards! Do everything to arrest the first prince!"

The Emperor only stood there in silent watching everything that is happening. He didn“t stop the right minister from ordering the royal guards and apprehending Glenn. Clearly, the Emperor is not favoring the first prince.

"Why is the Emperor silent in all of this? Aren“t you bot

t is my way of escaping this suffocating palace and my fate of being killed by my own father. I gathered forces to protect not only myself but also those people who believed in me. Unfortunately..."

Glenn looked towards the royal seat of his mother, the Empress.

"Icould never have imagined that my own mother would be killed in this fight ofmine." -tbc

A/N: Hi~! Has it been that long? Anyway, let me first apologize for not updating these past few weeks (I think?). My schedule got hectic that I had to travel back and forth to different places for different appointments. Traveling is fun if you“re traveling for fun. But, I was really tired all this time and I didn“t get to write updates. I“m really sorry. Then, I met my sister once again that I wanted to do something like a collaboration with her. OMG. I fail as a writer. So, to make up with what I“ve missed. Let me present to you a ten-chapter update!! This is true, okay? I“m not kidding. Even though my internet connection right now is so bad, I will try my best to upload these ten chapters!!! Pray for me and my internet connection...

A/N (part 2): Please forgive me for the first five updates. It“s a lame chapter update. Honestly, I didn“t like chapters 90-100. It took me a lot of time just to get through with those. I need to write them for the story to progress and not because I particularly like them. Sometimes, I have troubles writing too like expressing what I really want to convey or what scene I really picture. And, these chapters (90-100) are definitely the death of me. With that, I hope that chapters 101-105 will get you through this obstacles!

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