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   Chapter 95

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Ceres“ ability to control time was different from Old Na. She can control time with few requirements and fewer hindrances than Old Na. Also, her ability doesn“t only consist of seeing a specific future or past. Her ability encompasses a wide range of time frame; may it be past, present, or future.

All of these were the conclusions she came up with while training under Old Na. She can now be considered as an ultimate time mage.

Before, she needed to probe someone or someone must probe her in order to let her see immediate branching future. However, with her training under Old Na and under different dimensions and conditions, she was able to enhance her ability and prove that she was really something out of this world; a true rare attribute, indeed.

Ceres only needs to inject a part of her spiritual essence on someone to see that person“s life. This is way beyond Old Na“s capability. For now, she cannot see everything in the branching time frames but she can now fully see the “present life“ a person has.

To give an example, Ceres was able to learn a lot about Leona and Blood Snow because she was able to inject her spiritual essence into their bodies during the time she was healing Leona and during her fight with Blood Snow. Through the use of her needles, she was able to inject her spiritual essences into their spiritual bodies. Of course, aside from that ability, she was able to disrupt their magic; the way they gather and convert spiritual essences. That is how scary her ability is right now. And, all of this has got to do with her unusual ability to control and manipulate spiritual essences as well as her unusual spiritual essences itself.

The moment she injected the needles imbued with her spiritual essences in Blood Snow during their fight, she was able to see her life; the truth behind her title and her clan.

Ceres was cold-hearted, ruthless, and vicious in her previous life. She wouldn“t care about anything as long as she did what she needs to do. All because she lacked emotions. She felt nothing inside. She was a living killing doll in the eyes of everyone.

That was her life. That was supposed to be her life.

And now, she was supposed to kill Blood Snow for wanting to kill Leona even if it means that she would kill an unborn child along with it. But, she didn“t do it.

Have I told you b

this incident as we try to investigate who the perpetrator is."

Dwight respectfully bowed to everyone and was about to order some guards when Glenn suddenly laughed; one very sinister laugh.

"Is that all you have to say, father? Or should I call you your Highness instead because it seems to me that you are not the least bit worried about anything at all. I wonder... Why would that be?"

Glenn narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Emperor.

"Maybe, the truth is that, you planned all of this?"

Everyone started to quietly discuss things even in the midst of their fear and panic.

Dwight couldn“t hold in his anger and shouted at Glenn.

"How preposterous! You! How could you even think of me as the perpetrator, huh?! Do you know the consequences of such actions?! Of insulting and even accusing the Emperor?!"

Glenn didn“t back down from the fight.

"Iknow. And, I also know that you are one that wouldn“t like to hand down thethrone even if this kingdom falls down!" -tbc

A/N: Hi guys! I am here to check whether there are people who still kept on reading despite my warning. :D Of course, I know that these chapters were not-so good because I don“t really like them but I have to write them for the story to go on~ Anyway, I can“t wait for the next chapters so I“m off to dreamland~

As always, thank you very much for reading!! I hope you enjoyed it although it pains me to say that I know you didn“t. ;A; Thank you for the views, votes, comments, messages, etc!! Everything is highly appreciated! :) Thank you very much and love lots!!!

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