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   Chapter 94

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The woman referred to as Blood Snow coughed out blood while Ceres only kept on looking. Then, she started to bit her tongue and spit out some blood.

One can hear murmurs flowing out of her mouth. She seems to be doing some unknown magic with the use of her own blood.

She intensely closed her eyes and was about to call forth another magic.

"Don“t make it more difficult for you."

Blood Snow coughed out more blood and sat frozen.

Ceres could only shake her head. She didn“t even need to go near the woman. The only thing she did was to stand in front of her and look at how pitiful the woman was.

Ceres closed her eyes and right then, the woman fainted on the spot. This is the only time she got close to the woman and was even about to carry her back when suddenly, another shadow showed up. It wanted to take the woman away.

Ceres half-closed her eyes and watched as the shadow was about to get the woman when another shadow interrupted.

The second shadow to appear was Gil and in his arms was the woman Ceres was fighting before. Gil stood in front of Ceres trying to block the other person in front of them.

The other person was dressed in a servant“s clothes; one that serves the snacks and drinks back at the banquet. If one looked closely, one would not notice anything different, even his presence and aura seems to be normal. This person seems to be good at blending with the crowd and thus, doesn“t have any identifying features on him. He has smiling eyes but those eyes are not really smiling. It was rather full of hostility and anger.

"Leave her alone."

Gil was about to make a move when Ceres tapped his shoulder and went in front of him.

"If I leave her with you, how sure are you that you can cure her?"


Ceres nodded and when it seems she would agree, she then poised another question.

"...But how about the one inside her?"

With such

erything. She recalls Leona, Blood Snow, and then... Ceres. Then, she recalls her past life.

Ceres looked up at the starry sky.

After some time passed, Thousand Face calmed down and Blood Snow also finally woke up.

Blood Snow kept her indifference but somehow, a gentle look can be seen in her eyes whenever she looks at Thousand Face rubbing her belly.

Ceres and Gil sat across them; quietly watching the two love birds.

Thousand Face suddenly kowtowed in front of Ceres and Gil.

"Thank you for keeping us alive, for making sure that our child will be safe."

Blood Snow was about to kowtow when Ceres spoke.

"No need."

Ceres also signaled for Thousand Face to sit properly. Now is the time to talk properly.

Ceres still had her arms across her chest. Gil was only quietly sitting beside her but a little bit behind her, too.

"I know your circumstances... All of it."

Cereswasn“t joking. She really knew about them not only from Gil“s constant reportsbut also because of her ability. The so-called “time mage“ ability. -tbc

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