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   Chapter 93

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Meanwhile, Ceres was fighting the white shadow who almost took Leona away.

The white shadow seemed to want to go back to the main hall but Ceres wouldn“t allow her to. Thus, they began their chasing game.

The white shadow can make ice shards appear out of nowhere which are then, thrown towards Ceres. The white shadow kept doing this until they found some remote place in the royal palace.

Ceres suddenly stopped chasing because the white shadow also stopped running and seemed to be showing its true appearance.

"No wonder you can fight me."

The white shadow turns out to be the woman Ceres met last night. It was the woman who visited Leona“s room and wanted to give an ice flower to her.

"We meet again."

It was Ceres who spoke but her eyes contain not anger or cruelty, only disappointment.

The woman with white and silver hair smiled though her eyes were as expressionless like before. Her white dress along with her half-tied hair flutters in the cold night wind under the starry sky.

She was a beauty in this supposed to be wonderful night sky. How come Ceres looks at her with disappointment?

"I don“t want to fight you but, I need to finish my work."

The woman started making a move. Ice shards appeared above her head and it seems like it was forming a giant lotus. She raised her hand towards the giant ice lotus then made a crushing signal.

The giant ice lotus broke into thousands of pieces which then, encircled her while it also kept on shooting towards different directions. The woman then started to move towards Ceres for another fight.

Surprisingly, the ice shards followed her wherever she goes. It looks like the ice shards have a specific enclosure around her within the range of 10 meters. It randomly attacks within the invisible enclosure.

Ceres was fast and can dodge some of the ice shards however, she couldn“t dodge everything. Some of the ice shards grazed her skin making her blood flow out of the injuries she sustained.

The woman while her ice shards kept attacking Ceres was also making her own move. She was even making ice blades out of nowhere and throwing th

rnmost region of Winsterein kingdom. This region can be divided into more areas wherein the coldest and most difficult one to access is where Blood Snow resides at. The reason for the difficulty of access was the snow storm in the area that happens all throughout the year. It is a never-ending snow storm that even any aide of magic cannot help one traverse the storm.

Blood Snow is a member of the Haletin clan. A few people only know of such information. Also, most of those people are already dead.

The Haletin clan is a clan made up of women. In simpler terms, no man has ever set foot in Blood Snow“s territory. Moreover, each and every one of these women is a skilled assassin. For every generation, the clan train young girls and puts them in a trial; one hell of a bloody trial. The young girls have to kill each other and the strongest and sole survivor would be the one called Blood Snow. She would be the one holding the highest authority and also, the one to be inheriting the legacy of the previous Blood Snow.

But, being the Blood Snow is more than just being the head of the clan and killing people as a profession. The legacy and name of Blood Snow has a huge responsibility to whoever takes it on.

Thisis the story of the Haletin clan and this is the fate of a Blood Snow. -tbc

A/N: I“m crying for your bravery to go on with this update... You deserve every bit of virtual dessert out there! ;A;

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