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   Chapter 92

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Lucas was about to go to where Leona was standing when suddenly, another shadow passed by him.


Even with an order that looked like a warning, all he could think of was to take out his sword and give chase to the two shadows. But, before he could even ran towards the direction where the shadows went, in his arms was Leona who was now unconscious.

"Take care of her."

The second shadow was able to retrieve Leona in that short amount of time and even chase after the white shadow. It actually left Leona under Lucas“ protection.

All Lucas could do now is guard Leona and ran towards the main hall. He has to make sure that Leona would be safe or else...

In front of him was Leonard who came running right after he and Ceres heard Leona“s scream.

The truth is that, Leonard and Ceres followed Leona and Lucas but they kept their distance. Then, after hearing Leona“s scream, Leonard told Ceres to get inside the hall while he would ran towards Lucas and Leona.

Ceres, of course, followed his orders. She was even thinking of asking for help but she remembered what Dotrald said to her.

“Do not make unnecessary actions in the banquet.“

Fortunately, nothing happened to Leona. Leonard noticed that she was only sleeping. However, to make sure nothing really happened to her, they would have to call for the royal physicians. Thus, they hurriedly went inside the hall.

Out of nowhere, Gil appeared beside Leonard who stunned Leonard and Lucas.

"The royal palace in under attack."

Once Gil blurted out those words, noises were heard from different places of the royal palace. There were even smoke coming from some places and guards were running and fighting everywhere. There were bandits and there were even royal guards who were fighting with other royal guards. This palace is now in chaos!

Inside the hall, all the guests were asked to calm down. The generals inside th

losed eyes. On the other hand, Orion is with Guy. Before, Orion was beside Arcyl and Lennard however, Lennard went to Leona and Arcyl was already making arrangements with some guards.

Everyone was on guard and when they could suddenly hear clashing of weapons, all of them turned quiet.

The noises they could hear before were the screams outside, the alarm signaling a fire broke out, and the clash of weapons outside the hall which means that the soldiers and guards were fighting outside. However, a particular sound of clashing weapons can be heard inside the main hall! This is why everyone stood on guard and kept silent.

People are fighting inside the main hall but not everyone could actually see who it is!

Only those with high level of magic could detect something. They could see two shadows clashing around the main hall while seemingly avoiding hurting anyone else. And, all they did was watch in silence.

"Who in the world..."

Suddenly, the two shadows went near the main door and the door got opened! The shadows rushed out and when almost everyone seemed to want to rush out of the royal palace, Glenn spoke.

"Noone leaves this main hall!" -tbc

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