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   Chapter 91

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Leonard watched over Ceres and Ceres quietly followed Leona and Lucas.

Leona and Lucas went over to one of the royal gardens near the main hall. Lucas asked the patrolling guards to stay at least some meters away from that place so that he and Leona can talk peacefully without anyone disturbing them.

The place was surrounded with luscious flowering bushes which are both fragrant and pleasing to the eyes. There were also some colorful and fragrant flowers that were mixed with the bushes in order to make such a magnificent garden. All of such things came from all over the Winsterein kingdom with some even originating from other kingdom or country. In broad daylight, the garden is already a wonderful scenery that would certainly capture any maiden“s heart. But, it is also a piece of beautiful art work during the night particularly when the night lights of the royal palace illuminates the garden and its variety of flowers.

"What a lovely garden. It“s already night time but you can still see how beautiful these flowers are. They also smell nice, huh?"

Leona was walking in front of Lucas. The latter seemed to be distressed about everything.

"What do you want?"

Leona couldn“t help but bend down and smell some flowers. Some of the flowers were familiar to her but there were also those that weren“t.

"I“m sure the third prince was also stunned by the announcement earlier."

Leona didn“t even look back at Lucas as she continued to look closely at the flowers.

"I“m telling you that---"

Suddenly, Leona stood straight and faced Lucas.

"I want this engagement off."

She was looking straight at Lucas“ eyes. Even though it was somehow dark, the moonlight and starry sky accompanied by some night lights from the royal palace helped Lucas see what her eyes looked like.

It was full of determination; nothing less of a dignified princess.

Leona continued speaking.

"It“s not like I don“t want to give you a chance at all. It“s just that, I want to choose the person I want to marry by myself. This engagement... It wasn“t supposed to be arranged this night. I will definitely tell my father about what happened in this banquet. I will definitely make my own stand. I only wanted to tell this personally because this engagement is between the two of us after all. If you agree with me then, all the more that we could break this engagement off."

Lucas couldn“t help but

r before.

"It“s not too late. If you are only uncertain where to start, someone told me... “Uncertainty ends with a single step“. Thus, I believe that you just have to do something for it to happen. It doesn“t have to be big or it doesn“t have to be right from the start. You can fail countless of times. But, you just have to do something."

Lucas looked at Leona and saw her determined eyes.

In his mind is an image of a young girl, crying her heart out and calling out to him. One time, two times, ten times, hundred times; numerous times... She was calling his name while tears kept on falling from her eyes.

...If you“re uncertain about your life, let me help you understand why you“re alive in this world!

Lucas remembered the girl.

He remembered that if she was here, she would be knocking his head and yelling at him for being useless and always over thinking about things.


BeforeLucas can say anything, a white shadow passed between him and Leona. Then, allof a sudden, Leona screamed out loud. -tbc

A/N: First of all, I want to apologize for stating that I will be giving a ten-chapter update last week(?) when I wasn“t able to. My internet connection is really not good and my patience is limited to five chapters. ;A;

Another thing, if you have plenty of time or don“t want to waste your time, please don“t read this five-chapter update. Kindly wait for the chapters 96-100. These chapters are not-so good because I“m itching to see “mysterious man“ in action!!! Seriously. No kidding. I“m dying to give him the limelight but this banquet is just killing me. lllorzlll

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