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   Chapter 90

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Leona and Lennard smiled at Arcyl but, Leona being curious about Ceres couldn“t help but ask about her.

"This is...?"

Arcyl introduced Ceres to the royal guests.

"Crown prince and princess of Fay kingdom, this is my granddaughter and Ceraph“s sole daughter, Ceres Ellion. I apologize for not introducing her first. This child..."

Arcyl pat Ceres head and the latter smiled and respectfully bowed without any worry at all.

"Forgive her for not speaking. She was almost killed in an assassination attempt and was injured. Her injuries were grave but thanks to a rogue expert, she was saved however, her voice... It could not be saved at all."


Leona couldn“t help but gasped. Lennard could only continue speaking and ask for forgiveness in behalf of Leona“s curiosity. He explained that Leona was excited to have someone at her age to talk to.

"Have you tried consulting experts even outside the kingdom regarding her voice?"

It was Lennard who now asked because of his own curiousity.

"Yes. We are also currently in search for other expert physicians however, it is really difficult during this time. If you know what I mean..."

Arcyl was talking about the current power struggle happening in the kingdom. If their family doesn“t take it to themselves to find physicians and end up asking for help from other people, this would only cause them to owe a favor. This is not really the time for such things since ancient families rather want to be impartial and doesn“t want to take sides with anyone. A simple favor may mean a lot to some of the fighting factions during this time.

On the other hand, Lennard and Leona both looked at each other. The siblings knew what is on each other“s mind: Cerio.

The talk among Arcyl, Lennard, and Orion continued and some ancient families even joined them in the process. Leona was left with Ceres instead.

Leona told Lennard and Arcyl that she will take care of Ceres while they were busy chatting with a lot of people. She assured them that they will be near the royal guards in case something happens.

Because everyone was busy with their own world, Lucas was able to find the time to greet his father and also, talk to Leona. It was, of course, Dwight“s orders but it was also, his own choice. He wanted to talk to the latter about their informal engagement.

When he was about to go near Leona, Dwight suddenly

starting to think of something else. And, something deep inside him started growing once again. It was growing even more intense than before...

Before leaving, Leona told Leonard, who was acting as a royal guard, to take care of Ceres and also, she told Ceres with an assuring smile,

"I wouldn“t take your friend away from you."

Leona didn“t use lover or sweetheart. She used friend in case someone overhears them. Also, she doesn“t want Ceres to hate her. She knew that Ceres and Lucas are important to each other. She doesn“t want to be the villain anyway.

Furthermore, she was here to break the engagement between her and Lucas. Although it may be late, if Lucas could agree with her, everything will be alright. Well, even though Lucas wouldn“t agree, Leona would find a way to break the engagement off. She just wanted to personally tell him that she doesn“t want to be married to him.

This is what she decided when Ceres talked to her before.

This uncertainty will only end with my single step!

Beatrice,obviously, saw all of this and couldn“t help but grit her teeth. She alsoclenched her fists inside those long sleeves of hers. She took a lot of time toget ready for the banquet but Lucas didn“t even pay any attention to her.Moreover, she hasn“t eliminated Ceresyet and now, Leona comes to the scene. -tbc

A/N: Thank you for reading Ceres!!! :D Thank you for the reads, votes, and comments, etc!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this update! I read it again before posting and I think I did a good job on this cliffhanger...? Did I? Hahahaha!! Anyway, thank you very much!!!

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