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   Chapter 89

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Dwight and Elisea sat in front of everyone else. Glenn was standing beside them.

The music quieted down as the royal emperor was about to make his opening speech.

"Greetings to the royal emperor and royal empress!"

Everyone respectfully bowed aside from those with high position and status such as headmasters of schools.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming to this opening banquet of Winsterein kingdom“s schools“ competition. Some of you have come from far places and have endured the journey to grace us with your presence. Words are not enough to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you.

As everyone knows, this year is a special event not because the competition only happens every three years but because... this will also enable the participants to represent their school, sect, academy, or kingdom in the Great Magi Conference!"

Almost everyone gasped and talked among themselves. Only those from the different schools have firm gazes and intense aura.

"We wanted to allow these students to have fun at least before the pressure comes down to them. This banquet is something for the students and future delegates to the Great Magi Conference! May your future look bright and may you bring glory towards to greatest platform of all aspiring magicians in the continent!"

Dwight raised a glass of wine.

"Let the banquet start!"

He then, drank the wine. Right after, the people applauded and the lively music began.

Everyone is now free to mingle and talk to each other. This is the time before the dinner starts where those who wants to gain favor from other people could actually do their act.

For example, Orion began greeting some of the ancient families“ heads. Dotrald also started to walk towards the Holy Child.

The students of different schools also started seizing their opponents; like Beatrice looking intensely at Leona.

Lennard started speaking to different people but beside him is Leona who remained quiet. She couldn“t mingle with other girls from other families because she doesn“t know anyone.

However, her eyes were inspecting everyone as she was looking for someone.

"Orion Winsterein greets one of the greates

well-known unlike Ceraph.

"This humble general does not deserve such praise from the crown prince."

Leona followed her brother in greeting Arcyl. Of course, she saw Ceres and knew about her situation from her brother. This was of course a good opportunity for her to get to know Ceres and also, have someone to talk to.

"Greetings to general Arcyl Ellion, this one is princess Leona Reynolds of Fay kingdom. I have heard a lot about you and I“m sure you deserve such admiration for your dedication and hard work."

"Many thanks princess Leona Reynolds. Such kind words are not suited to be said to a retired general such as myself."

Arcyl did not neglect Leona. Truth be told, the reason he did not reject Orion“s offer to be introduced to the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings was because of Leona. He wanted to make sure that Ceres wouldn“t interfere with the kingdom“s affairs such as Lucas and Leona“s engagement. By introducing Ceres to Leona, it would somehow make an impression that Ceres doesn“t take it to the heart that Lucas is engaged to Leona and that she really doesn“t want to be in between the two. Thus, this meeting of the two young women would surely help ease the pressure placed on the Ellion“s household by the royal palace.

Arcylwanted to introduce Ceres toLeona to help both his family and Ceres.More so if Ceres can becomefriends with Leona then, it would only bring more benefits to her ruined status and position. -tbc

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