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   Chapter 88

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The banquet before the start of Winsterein competition is where people of different position and status gather; those with enough background, power and resources, of course. As such, it is a much waited event and also an event that some people want to avoid.

Royal guards were placed at different strategic positions in the royal palace. Even those from the military where asked to help and make sure that everyone will be safe. If anything happens to those that the Winsterein kingdom does not wish to offend then, it“s the end of their reign.

Two announcers were placed at the entrance of the main hall to announce the arrival of each guest. Without any invitation, those people who wish to enter would not be able to enter and instead, be kicked out or killed silently somewhere else.

"Headmaster and delegates from the Blue Seafaring School!"

"Headmaster and delegates from Winsterein Royal Military School!"

"Governor Keng Rudolf of the Foundour City!"

"Governess Michelle Wales of Alinsyrn City!"

Every time the announcers would raise their voice, all the people inside the hall would turn their heads toward the main entrance. This is because everyone is looking forward to who is coming inside and also, making connections to whoever it was.

"Headmaster and delegates from Heaven“s Peak!"

Hearing such announcement made everyone“s voices a bit of louder. This is because Heaven“s Peak is known as the second most powerful school in Winsterein kingdom. Also, it“s not like these people could see the students and teachers of Heaven“s Peak whenever they want to. This is, of course, a good opportunity to catch some big fish particularly for those who wanted to forge alliance through marriage.

"The headmaster looks young! Are they sure he already reached 70?"

"He“s proficient in magic so of course, he looks young!"

"That“s Evelyn Bonafeir! Isn“t she one of the elders of the school?"

"She looks beautiful!"

"Isnt she the royal third prince“s master?"

"There he is! The third prince!

d and loving smile that a mother would give her child. But hidden within that smile is the viciousness of an empress who wants to rule the kingdom. Glenn knows all about this and could only nod and smile towards his mother.

Soon... Very, very soon.

Glenn walked towards the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings and told them to be ready. Of course, Lennard and Leona were all smiles but they knew something was off with this banquet already.

"The Fay kingdom“s royal siblings, crown prince Lennard Reynolds and princess Leona Reynolds!"

To settle down the commotion brought by Orion“s arrival, Glenn thought that it is much better to let the Fay kingdom show their presence already. This, in turn, helped the people ease their minds and look forward to the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings.

The Fay kingdom“s royal siblings proceeded to the front and waited for the royal family instead. They made gestures here and there but did not talk that much to anybody. It is understandable because of the position they hold.

Right after the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings, the royal family came forth. In front was Dwight as the royal emperor and by his side was Elisea as the empress. Glenn was behind them as the first son and first prince.

With this, everything was settled and the banquet would finally start! -tbc

A/N: I really have this bad feeling...

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