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   Chapter 87

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"How is Danilo?"

Arcyl asked Dotrald who was with him in the same carriage just like Ceres.

Dotrald could only close his eyes and sigh.

"We have asked the Holy Cross Church but they said that they were still busy with the competition."

"Have you offered enough? You do know that those church hypocrites are like that. They also don“t want to associate themselves with the political struggle of this kingdom and as such, unless you offer something of high value, they wouldn“t give you any face."

Dotrald could only smile wryly. Deep inside, he was thinking how nice of his father to reprimand him in such a time. Of course, Dotrald couldn“t offer enough since he doesn“t have enough power to offer valuable things from their household“s vault. He thinks that if Arcyl was really worried about his grandson, he would have made the offer himself.

"As you say, father."

Arcyl crossed his arms across his chest and closed his eyes.

"The Holy Child came this time. Maybe, if you can gain his approval, he would be able to help you."

"I was thinking about the same thing, father. However, it is not easy to get close to the Holy Child."

"That child is still young and innocent. Do what you can for your son."

After that, Arcyl did not speak anymore and kept silent the whole journey to the royal palace. Ceres was oblivious about their conversation and also, she was told by Dotrald not to cause any problem and only to keep silent.

But, Dotrald was different from those two. He was boiling with anger inside.

Isn“t he your grandson? Why can“t you help us gain favor from those people anyway? Maybe, if I was already the Ellion head, all those people won“t think twice about giving me face.


"Lucas, make sure that your heart is calm. If not, you will be forced to return to your room at once."

It was Lucas“ master, Evelyn, who spoke such words.

The Heaven“s Peak participants are currently on their way to the banquet. They were riding various flight-assisting items. Lucas was sitting down on a big fan with his master and the Heaven“s Peak“s headmaster.

The headmaster made a hearty laugh.


Hearing such a laugh from the headmaster was something unusual for Evelyn and thus, she couldn

olding the hand of his little sister and seemingly, thinking of bringing her along to the banquet.

Even though the people of the church respect and revere the Holy Child, his sister was a little different. Also, as a Holy Child, he should only devote himself to the church. That is why many of the priests and nuns do not favor the Holy Child“s sister.

Roven looked at Paulin and then, he half-knelt on the floor. This scenario caused the people to hold their breath and gasp. The Holy Child is indeed a kind and warm person.

"Can you allow big brother to go alone in this banquet? Nothing bad will happen to me and I will definitely return safely and quickly. This is just something that is extremely important. Okay?"

Paulin stared at Roven“s eyes. Her eyes do not contain any emotion at all. This is in contrast to Roven“s which is full of love.

Paulin started looking at everyone else before stopping her eyes at Roven. She snorted and walked away, back to her own room.

Roven watched as Paulin was walking and could only sigh.

"She needs to understand things by herself sometimes. This is how people grow."

After saying such words, Roven stood up and smiled at everyone.

"Let“sgo." -tbc

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