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   Chapter 86

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The banquet starts at around six in the evening. It comprises of a dinner where the tables are scattered around the hall and everyone can sit or stand while eating. The food will be served in those tables and also, there will be tables at the sides of the hall which will also serve food in case one wants something else. In addition, servants will roam around the hall to serve other things such as snacks and drinks.

There will also be live music prepared by some members of the royal orchestra. Even though there is no one singing, the music helps lighten the mood. Well, the banquet may be something to ease the pressure on the participants but that is not the real case. This banquet has a much deeper meaning than what it looks like. Also, even though the tables will be scattered around the hall, there will be a specified place in the middle of the hall for some exchange of pointers between the youngsters. As such, this banquet is something that will really measure the participant“s abilities. There is also an unwritten rule that if one is asked to participate in an exchange of pointers, if one does not have enough reason and value, one cannot decline. Well, such is the way of these people.

The royal family has their table in the front where the royal seats are also located. However, only the royal emperor and empress have seats for such table. In some cases, the previous emperor and empress will also have designated seats in the royal table. But, since the previous emperor and empress are no longer in this world, the royal seats are only allocated for the current emperor and empress. In addition, the royal princes have to associate themselves with different people and thus, do not necessarily have to sit together with their father. However, in previous occasions, whenever the royal family wants to curry favor from powerful people, they let those people sit with them. In this case, the royal family plans on having the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings eat with them on the royal table.

Even though there is a specific time for the start of the banquet, guests start coming early. Usually the road to the royal palace would be packed with a lot of carriag

e Lennard“s eyes.

"...Enough about this talk. Let“s just go to the main hall. If you do not wish to marry that brat then, don“t. We are only here to give face to the royal emperor of this kingdom. That“s all."

However, despite Lennard“s warning, Leona still thinks that it is much appropriate for her and the third prince to talk about their engagement. She thinks that it is her job to tell him why she doesn“t want to marry him.

Lennard started walking away and Leona followed him as they walk side by side. Leonard and Ceres were walking behind them and were still not talking. They, of course, are doing their jobs and avoiding any suspicions.

Gil,on the other hand, was hiding in the shadows. Everything that happened did notescape his senses. Hence, he could only sigh and wish from the bottom of hisheart that Fay kingdom“s princess won“t be in his master“s black list. -tbc

A/N: Today, I received some news. All I can say is that, it“s never too late to do what you want to do. However, life is sometimes difficult to comprehend. It won“t give something without making you suffer a little. Anyway, I will still try my best and hopefully, you guys too, try everything you can and live without regrets! :D

I promised myself that I will post an update today if I can give you guys a ten-chapter update. I“m guessing you already understood what I meant. ^^ So, without further interruptions, please enjoy today“s update! Enjoy reading!!!

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