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   Chapter 85

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Lennard called for Leonard to help him prepare for the banquet. They asked another guard to stand by the door.

This was only a fa?ade. The twins knew each other and Lennard knew that Leonard has a lot of questions for him.

"Speak, first brother."

Leonard had his arms across his chest. He seems to be in a very bad mood. Anyone would be if they feel like they“ve been left alone on something, right?

"Don“t be like that, second brother. Come. Sit with me and let“s have tea."

Leonard“s eyes squinted.

"Tea? I know you. You prefer alcohol. You“d only ask me for a tea if you want me to calm down."

Nevertheless, Leonard still sat across Lennard in the small table allocated in the guest room. He poured himself a tea because he was really in a bad mood.

Lennard could only chuckle.

"You ought to explain everything instead of laughing."

Leonard drank the tea in an elegant way; like how royal princes were taught. However, he was still in a bad mood that the tea really didn“t suit his taste.

Lennard knew all too well about his twin brother. So, to make Leonard calm down, he coughed twice.

"I received a report from father as well as some of my informants."

Leonard wasn“t talking. He let his twin brother speak.

"It was really Poisoned Ghost Body that day. It looks like Cerio and Gil were at the inn we were also staying at. They were even there before us. Gil was the one who wiped out the Poisoned Ghost Body“s lackeys outside the inn while Cerio was treating us. Gil was also the one who chased Poisoned Ghost Body. Do you think it is a coincidence?"

Lennard placed one of his hands on his chin. He was not thinking that much but rather, teasing his twin brother.

"Poisoned Ghost Body is a well-known assassin. He doesn“t work with others because he has trust issues. If not, it would be as easy as pie to get a contract with him. You“ve known all of this yet, you dare ask me?"

Lennard lightly laughed. E was teasing Leonard because he knew that his twin brother also has trust issues and was the one in conflict with Cerio and Gil.

"It“s too good to be a coincidence however, I sent another report asking for Cerio and Gil“s background. Even though it was forbidden to get any information from the adventurer“s and mercenary“s guild, I painstakingly got nothing."


cess but suddenly got the ability to see pure spiritual essences... Wouldn“t that cause a huge uproar and all those people lining up to be married to her?

"We will be happy but if this news leak out, it would certainly bring misfortune, too."

"This is getting out of hand."

"For now, we do not know why Cerio cured Leona but partially curing her was I think, the best solution."

"You think?"

"Leona wouldn“t be marrying the third prince of this kingdom anymore if father learns about this. All of us, siblings, don“t want to be associated with this kingdom, right?"

"Wait. Did you tell father?"

"Not yet. I only sent a message to someone whom we can trust. I want to know more information regarding Cerio and Gil. At the same time, I want to get close to them. All for our kingdom“s future..." -tbc


A/N: To make up for my long absence, I decided to not work and write chapters instead... Just kidding! :D

Actually, I didn“t really go to work this week because I have health issues. I went for a medical check-up and the medical technologist and doctor have different opinions on my health condition. It“s making me confuse and all. Anyway, I feel like puking water right now. It“s the first time in my life that I wanted to puke water because I“m drinking lots of it to the point that I get full only because of water!!! ;A;

Sowith this, thank you very much for reading Ceres! :) Thank you for the votes, comments,views, etc. Thank you very much!!! I hope you enjoyed reading and please lookforward to the next update! :D

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