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   Chapter 84

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The banquet would be held in the evening. As such, everyone in the palace was busy preparing. Despite the busy schedule and preparations, the royal family was still able to dine with the Fay kingdom“s convoy for breakfast and lunch. Even though Orion wanted to escort the royal guests, Dwight made sure that it is Glenn who will be responsible for the safety of the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings.

Everyone knew that this is a tactic. If anything ever happens to the royal guests, Glenn would take the blame and responsibility. But of course, Glenn would be able to counter such plan but he will be the only one to know.

Sir Milo was not seen anywhere in the palace. It seems like he disappeared and was not planning to go to the banquet at all.

Ceres and Leonard kept their acts. Gil was still on the move, continuously appearing and disappearing such that even the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings couldn“t get a hold of Gil.

Hours before the banquet, Ceres was still guarding Leona“s room. All of a sudden, Leona“s voice could be heard from inside. She seems to be leaning on the door.

"Aren“t you even going to ask if I“m ready or if I need anything?"

Ceres didn“t change the expression on her face. It was still blank.

"I apologize, princess, but I am only a lowly guard."

Ceres meant that she wouldn“t take orders from Leona unless it pertains to their safety.

"I thought that you wouldn“t be that cold-hearted."

Ceres didn“t respond. But in her mind, she replied about something that only she knows about.

I am cold-hearted. I used to and... I have to.

Ceres couldn“t help but recall her past; of her previous world and her previous life. All of a sudden, she thought that if ever she wasn“t transmigrated into Ceres“ body, would she still pursue such profession? Would she yearn for power to become strong? Would she have been in this kind of situation at all?

"Why did you cure me, Cerio? Not only from the poison but also from my long-time condition? Why did you even give me hope but you won“t fully see it to the end? Why? Do you want something from our kingdom? Am I just a tool for you to get that something you want? I can“t really understand. Maybe, I also don“t want to understand."

Leona sat down on the floor hugging her knees. She knew that the reason why Ceres didn“t cure her condition is because Ceres knew how selfish and undeserving she is. But, she didn“t want to accept that. She can“t fully

ster of her own life. She will determine what she would become and what she would like to do.

She wasn“t able to realize this because she wasn“t being true to herself. All this time, she was only over thinking things. She kept on thinking about the multiple consequences, the multiple cause and effect, kept thinking of those around her and also, herself.

If only she had known that she should first and foremost look upon her own heart.

She was selfish yet, she was not.

She was only confused and uncertain.

"Everyone is uncertain about life. But, that uncertainty could always end with just a single step."

For some unknown reasons, Ceres felt that she also once been through what Leona has experienced. That was the reason why she partially cured Leona.

Ceres felt that she was once uncertain about something. But, no matter what she does to recall... She can only remember the feeling.

Is it in my past life? Or "Ceres“" memories?

Leona stood up from the floor and wiped her tears.

"Thank you, Cerio. Thank you for making me understand everything."

Leona now has a smile on her face but the red eyes gave away that she was on the verge of crying out her heart.

"You better prepare for the banquet."

"I will."

Leona walked away from the door. She was finally going to prepare herself to face everyone.

Right when Leona was far from the door, Ceres said,

"I will cure you when the time comes for me to cure you."

Ceres closed her eyes for a while.

Nothing ever happens by sheer coincidence. A chance meeting is probably a proof that the fate of two people has been intertwined.-tbc

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