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   Chapter 83

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When everyone was supposed to be sleeping, Dwight“s study room was still lit. Two people were playing chess. It looked like they won“t be sleeping at all.

"I suddenly received a letter. The Holy Child would come to observe the competition."

Dwight placed his hand on his forehead. It seems like he has a headache.

Sir Milo chuckled and slowly moved a chess piece.

"You sure talk sarcastically."

"But still, if anything happens to that child, would the church stay silent?"

Dwight made his move.

Suddenly, sir Milo looked towards the door.

"What“s wrong?"

Dwight knew that sir Milo must have sensed something.

"She came."

Dwight could only heave a sigh.

"It“s tomorrow, huh? I hope that princess won“t be killed."

Sir Milo smiled and turned his head back towards the chess table.

"That“s unusual of you."

"I“m betting on those two. If not, I still have other plans."

"I see... Sometimes, I still think that even I can“t compare to you."

Dwight lightly laughed. He placed his arms across his chest.

"One must really learn a lot to become an emperor."

Sir Milo could only shake his head sideways.

The game continued on but for how long? Only those two would be the ones to know.


Back in Arcyl“s study room; the moment he left Ceres. A person dressed in military uniform came forward and respectfully greeted Arcyl.

"Reporting to master, we still don“t have any news about her whereabouts as well as the people who wanted to harm her."

Arcyl leaned back on his chair and sighed.

"We will allow that little one to keep on pretending. About the Fay kingdom... Any news?"

"King Leowis already found out about the assassination attempt but hasn“t started any movements yet. It seems like they“re still gathering more information. We also weren“t able to intercept another message from the crown prince. We believe that it is n

n I, myself, couldn“t understand my own thinking. Maybe that is why I“m crazy. Right, Old Na?"

The person behind her was none other than the Time Mage, Old Na and one of Ceres“ masters.

"The Space Mage has always been eccentric and that I can fully understand."

Old Na smiled while the old woman suddenly stopped picking herbs. Her eyes contain a hint of mixed emotions. She closed her eyes for a while and then, continued picking up herbs.

"That name... I haven“t heard that name for such a long time."

The old woman was none other than the Space Mage who Old Na has been looking for.

"Why are you here? Haven“t you had enough of dealing with the affairs of that world?"

The old woman who seems to ignore Old Na before began to question the latter.

Old Na kept sitting on the rock. He closed his eyes for a short moment and opened them only to look up at the sky.

"The canopies here are blocking the view above. But still, I can see that there is a clear blue sky out there."

Old Na seems to be recalling his past once again.

The old woman stood up and placed the herbs she picked on a basket near her. She was about to ignore Old Na once again when the latter suddenly spoke.

"Whatdo you think about having a reason to live?"-tbc

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