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   Chapter 82

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In the middle of the night and at a certain place in the royal palace of Winsterein, Ceres was looking straight ahead.

A woman with white and silver hair flowing down on her cerulean gown lined with embroidered silver snowflakes was walking towards the door that Ceres was guarding.

She stopped right in front of Ceres. She has delicate yet elegant features. However, she doesn“t show any expression on her face. She looks like she wasn“t interested at Ceres at all.

Ceres was only looking straight ahead; as if she wasn“t even looking at the woman in front of her.

The woman was about to touch Ceres“ face but the latter spoke.


The hand that was about to reach Ceres“ face stopped in mid-air.

The woman tilted her head a little as if wondering why Ceres said that. She kept her hand and said,

"You are one of those who can sense me."

The woman looked closely at Ceres seemingly studying her facial features.


Ceres“ keen sense coupled with her unique ability regarding spiritual essences, she was able to detect the woman. But the latter was only achieved through her harsh training at Old Na“s place... For some unknown reasons.

Ceres didn“t answer the woman and kept on looking straight ahead; not paying any attention to the latter.

The woman sighed. It seems that she was used to this kind of scenario.

In her life, there are people who can immediately sense her presence and those people can be counted in her hands. Furthermore, those people do not always associate themselves with her as she was always by hersel

ve of her hand, the woman was slowly disappearing in front of Ceres. It seems like she was being broken into millions of ice pieces and those pieces just melt in the air.

"I have long ceased to even hope."

She closed her eyes and just when she was about to completely disappear, she was able to utter more words.

"If I have the chance, I wish to..."

The woman, even with closed eyes, showed one of her rarest expressions: a genuine smile.


She then, disappeared; like the melting of snowflakes in one“s hands.

Ceres“ expression was the same. And, she was only looking straight ahead; like she did not meet any one at all.

Gil appeared beside her and out of the shadows.

"That was---"

"I know."

Ceres interrupted Gil. Gil could only seal his lips and stop talking. He saw that even though Ceres was looking straight ahead, she was looking at somewhere else.

"She is a good person."

Ceres blinked once. However, that blink seemed to contain all of her past memories.

"...Definitely,a good person."-tbc

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