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   Chapter 81

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A certain carriage finally arrived at the capital city. It stopped in front of the Holy Cross Church in the city. A young man and a little girl alighted from the carriage. These are Roven and Paulin. They were greeted by some priests and nuns. Accompanying them are some Holy Knights.

Two priests respectfully bowed to Roven. One of them greeted him right after bowing his head.

"It is our greatest pleasure to welcome the Holy Child in our humble place."

Roven returned the bow and smiled.

"Please. Don“t do that High Priest. We apologize for disturbing all of you and for asking you to prepare everything in such a rush. It is, I, who should be thanking you for your kindness."

Even though Roven said those words with his utmost sincerity, the thing that captured the people“s hearts was his smile.

It is said that the Holy Child doesn“t always visit branches of the church because he only goes on trips whenever necessary. Most of the times, the Holy Child is together with the High Priest seeking answers and revelations from the goddess, Amheleka. This is the reason why it is such a pleasure for everyone in a church when one of those two important people visits their place.

In addition, it is said that the aura which the Holy Child carries is similar to that of the Holy Priest. Although not to that extreme extent but still, it somehow resembles it. That is why when a person sees the Holy Child, he can feel that his soul is being cleansed and his mind being cleared.

After a few more words to the High Priest that greeted him first, Roven turned to the other one. He was also a High Priest.

"I hope that your students and those other Holy Knights were not bothered by our sudden visit. Please convey my sincerest apology to them as well."

"Oh, no. They were in fact thrilled to learn that the Holy Child would be coming and cheering for them. It was such a great boost on the morale of the students. As such, we really would like to thank you for gracing us with your presence."

The first High Priest that Roven talked to was the High Priest of the capital city. On the other hand, the other one was also a High Priest. But, he came together with the students from Holy Cross Academy.

The two priests said some more words and then, led the Holy Child along with the Holy Child“s companions inside the church.

The branch of Holy Cross Church here is where the participant

her in with a blanket. He made sure that Paulin was already sleeping before he got out of the bed and proceeded to his own room.

Right after he left, Paulin opened her eyes.

"As long as you don“t get to be the Holy Child..."

For such a young girl to say such words with piercing eyes, it was really a shocking surprise. If Roven discovered such thing, would he still care for her?

In Roven“s room, he was lying on his bed but his eyes were still open. He couldn“t sleep at all. Actually, he hasn“t slept enough ever since they were adopted by the church.

He turned to his side and looked at the hand he used to touch Paulin“s cheek.

"Am I really fulfilling the role of a brother? Or should I..." -tbc


A/N: This note is on the file itself; so that I won“t forget.

I do have a lot of wrong grammar, misspelling, and typographical errors. Usually, I proofread before I post chapters. I also back read before I write new chapters which leads to proofreading once again. Sometimes, though, there would occasionally be words that got stuck together. Maybe, that“s an error whenever you copy-paste something to Wattpad. Nevertheless, it is really embarrassing to say that chapter 80 had a lot of mistakes. OMG. I hurriedly posted chapters 76-80 because I was losing the internet connection and it would take me a while before I could go online again. I apologize for such mistakes in my English. I will just let myself be swallowed by the ground and reflect on such actions for a while...

PS: I haven“t proofread chapters 76-80. Honestly. Seriously. ;A; I“m sorry for being aliveeeeee!!

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