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   Chapter 80

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In the secret meeting place of the Ellion siblings, Noctyrus and Simbeon have already arrived and only waiting for Dotrald. Lonwarlt already said that he was still busy with his research. Also, he was given a new task by Dotrald that he needed to lock himself in his courtyard.

Simbeon and Noctyrus were starting to get mad since they have been waiting for Dotrald for a long time. Also, because of the alcohol they were drinking, their emotions are slightly heightened as well.

Fortunately, after Noctyrus cursed Dotrald, the latter finally arrived.

Dotrald sat down and poured himself a drink.

"What are you planning?"

It was Simbeon who spoke first. Dotrald finished his glass of beer first and closed his eyes for a while before answering the former.


Noctyrus slammed his fist on the table.

"Don“t make fun of us just because you are the eldest!"

It was pretty much obvious that Simbeon and Noctyrus were nervous that their father would catch on anything they were doing. All of them knew that even though they are all related by blood, their father can still wish to eliminate them from the kingdom. He could even take them out of the family register and disown them. When that happens, all of the hard work they did to get to their positions right now is for nothing.

"Calm down, little brothers."

Instead of making them calm down, it seems like Dotrald keeps on provoking them. Noctyrus was about to do something but Simbeon stopped him and told him to listen first.

Dotrald clasped his hands and placed them on the table.

"I don“t plan on stopping father from taking out Ceres. The disguise is basically impossible to be seen through. Also, the third prince wouldn“t casually go near that niece of ours. Ceres only needed to stay away from people as much as possible. I have already told her about that. She will also conduct herself and leave the banquet immediately. I told her to fake an illness. That is also why Lonwarlt isn“t here right now. I asked him to make a medicine that could fake a short-time illness for Ceres."

"You“re saying that have already thought of this?"

"I only predicted some scenarios."

Noctyrus and Simbeon could only grit their teeth. They re

yellow. Itimmediately disappeared and as such, if one didn“t look closely, one wouldn“tbe able to tell. -tbc

A/N: Hi guys! I know I have been gone for far too long not unlike the first time I made this story. I would like to first sincerely apologize for such thing to happen. I know I made you wait. I“m really sorry. And, for those who still waited, thank you very much for your patience.

Well basically, there are a lot of reasons for such thing to happen (to me). If you have read my previous notes, I don“t have a stable internet connection and I don“t always go online. Second, I accepted a part-time job for a research project. It took most of my time not because I always go out but because I“m always tired. It“s tiring but fun and exciting, too. :D That is why instead of writing and posting chapters, I prefer to lie on my bed and sleep... Or read novels. Third, I have been busy with some documents recently. I love what I“m doing so I“m not regretting anything except for making you guys wait. I“m very sorry for this. :“( I hope you“d understand.

Lastly, I would like to once again thank you for supporting this story. Thank you for giving Ceres a chance and reading it. Thank you very much! Thank you for everything: the votes, comments, views, etc. I may not be able to express my thanks that properly but I do hope that this appreciation would reach you guys. :“) I hope you enjoyed reading! ^^

A/N (p2): I don“t always reply to comments but I love you guys! :D

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