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   Chapter 79

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"Why did you do that?"

Leonard was obviously irritated. It“s not new. Everyone in the Reynold family adores Leona.

"You better go back and work."

Ceres was standing with the posture and aura of a royal guard. She really acts like her part. Well, it was part of her job in her previous world anyway. But, she couldn“t stand that Leonard has the nerve to slack off.

Leonard wanted to rebut but he realized that it was not appropriate. He was forced to go back and stand guard outside Lennard“s room.


Glenn went to see his father, Dwight, once more. When he learned that Dwight was in the study room with sir Milo, he proceeded to the room. But, he only saw sir Milo sitting in front of a chess table seemingly as if thinking what he will move next. Glenn was about to go out when sir Milo spoke.

"If you“re looking for your father, he is currently busy with some things and will be back later for dinner."

Sir Milo turned his head to look at Glenn“s back with a smile on his face.

Glenn had a face that looked like it he could kill any moment. But then, he turned around and faced sir Milo with a smile, too.

"Thank you very much for informing me. Kindly tell father that I have already escorted the royal siblings to their courtyard. I also won“t be back until dinner."

Glenn didn“t like sir Milo at all. Ever since he met him, he knew that he wouldn“t be able to trust him. To Glenn, if he can“t use a person as his chess piece then, he has to eliminate that person. But that can only be applied for those that he can eliminate.

Sir Milo“s very existence in the kingdom is a mystery. In addition, all Glenn knew about him was that he was a figure that shouldn“t be offended. Hence, as long as he didn“t do something to sir Milo, he could still do things he wants to do. Well, since sir Milo doesn“t meddle with their kingdom“s affairs, it was something that somehow helped Glenn.

"You“re already a grown up, huh?"

Sir Milo was still smiling at Glenn. The latter couldn“t help but stay on his spot.



"I hope you like the place you“re staying at? The empress personally designed that place. She called in Winter garden for some reason."

Dwight lightly laughed.

The dining hall has a long table and because only five people were eating dinner, even a little noise can easily be heard. Also, they need not sit far from each other anyway.

Because of what Dwight said, Glenn gladly spoke about his mother.

"I believe mother named that place Winter garden because she designed that place to be covered in snow during winter."

Glenn swirled the glass in his hand which contains a fine wine specially brought out for such occasions. He then sniffed the wine first before drinking it.

"Is that so? What a nice name. It“s just too bad that we weren“t able to see such thing."

Lennard responded to Glenn.

"It“s alright. Maybe in the future, when you can come back here, you may be able to see it."

Once again, Dwight was hinting something. He was obviously eager for Lucas and Leona to get to know each other and be married. Too bad, there was an Orion inside the hall and eating with them who could join any type of conversation at a bad time.

"No matter what that place is called or how it looks like, as long as our guests are comfortable, it“s all that matters. Now tell me, crown prince and princess, how was your journey instead?" -tbc

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