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   Chapter 78

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Aside from Ceres and Leonard, all the other guards were assigned with specific stations. Leonard and Ceres were tasked to guard Lennard and Leona“s rooms, respectively. Gil was, on the other hand, tasked to become a roaming guard in the courtyard. He was actually not present in the meeting regarding the specific tasks but it was Ceres who suggested such thing. She told them that it“s much better to have someone who can monitor everything freely and act as a reserve.

Before Ceres and Leonard can even go to their respective stations, Lennard spoke about Leona“s situation. He wanted to confront Ceres now because he thinks that it“s much better to know everything as early as possible.

"Cerio, I want to ask you something."

Leonard knitted his brows because he really has no idea about anything at all. Leona was quiet but makes quick glances at Ceres.

"What is this about first brother?"

Before Ceres can even speak, Leonard wasn“t able to take it anymore and spoke first. Although he pretty much trusts Ceres and Gil but it was still not a 100 percent trust.

Leonard is intelligent and mostly handles political affairs behind the scenes. He was the one who carefully lays out plans the most. He organizes stuff yet, sometimes, over think things. As such, he and Lennard really work together that close. Leonard sometimes thinks ideally and Lennard needs to remind of such things. Also, it is Lennard who faces people because in truth, Leonard is not good at dealing with other people particularly those who thinks they are powerful and entitled.

Leonard feels like what Lennard is about to say may have something to do with their kingdom“s affairs. If Lennard plans on something beyond what is necessary, he may have to interfere as soon as possible. Anyway, despite not trusting Ceres and Gil 100 percent, he still doesn“t like to offend them. He knows that they are clearly indebted to them.

Hence, when Leonard asked Lennard, he means that they first have to discuss it among themselves before having Ceres join them.


n though Lennard was as surprised as he is.

Leona, however, stood frozen. A lot of things were already going through her mind but Ceres was the only one willing to wake her up from her dreams.

Is it really wrong to hope that one day, I, too, can use magic just like my parents and brothers?

Why would you give me hope and then, crush that very hope right after everything you“ve done?

Do you want me to stop believing and be contented on what I have?


Lennard and Leonard wanted to console their sister but, they didn“t know how. Everything they said did not have any effect on her. Leona only stood silently on that same spot.

After some time, she started assuring her brothers that she“s alright. Then, she headed towards her room where Ceres was tasked to guard. Leonard wanted to prevent her from going and telling her that he would be exchanging places with Ceres. However, Lennard stopped him once again.

Lennard knew that Leona must have been thinking about what Ceres meant and that it is much better for her to either be alone for now or be with Ceres.

Becauseof that, Leona was only escorted by Leonard up to her room. They saw Ceresstanding outside the door. Leona went inside the room without saying anythingto Ceres. This left Leonard standing in front of Ceres with half closed eyes asif scrutinizing every bit of her soul. -tbc

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