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   Chapter 77

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Ceres didn“t dare to sit down when Arcyl hasn“t said she could. Thus, she remained standing even when the servants left. She was also the one who poured Arcyl“s tea.

Arcyl only looked at her. When she placed the tea cup in front of Arcyl, the latter told her to sit down.

Arcyl, then, started looking around the room. His eyes were checking everything carefully. He wants to know whether this new courtyard really suited Ceres.

When Ceres returned with her current state, Arcyl decided to transfer her to a new courtyard. It was close to his courtyard and thus, he thinks that it would help watch over her.

While looking around, he noticed that this new courtyard has a lot of new stuff and was really decorated with a lot of things adored by women. He also looked at the handkerchief Ceres was doing.

"Do you like this place?"

Ceres nodded vigorously and smiled.

"The servants... Are they treating you well?"

Ceres tilted her head as if asking why Arcyl suddenly opened that up. Yet, she still nodded after a few seconds of wondering.

Arcyl didn“t mind her actions.

"What about the new dresses you have? Do they suit your taste? Are you comfortable with them?"

Ceres still nodded and showed her wide smile. It must mean that she really likes those new dresses.

"I came here to tell you that there will be a banquet tomorrow at the royal palace."

Ceres“ eyes grew big and this caught Arcyl“s attention.

"Are you anxious of whether you will meet your childhood friend?"

She didn“t respond and only looked down while fiddling with the ends of both her long sleeves.

Ceres was known to be close with the third prince, Lucas. Of course, this new Ceres was also informed about that. She was actually excited about meeting the third prince because not everyone was fortunate to actually see in person the royal family of Winsterein kingdom or any other kingdom. She even thought that Lucas would secretly meet her, too. Basically, that“s what everyone gossip about. However, due to the recent events, it was really impossible.

Hearing that she would be able to go to the banquet and even meet Lucas, she would of course be happy but at the same time, nervous. Well, despite the nervousness, her happiness is way

ike, we could immediately summon one to serve you throughout your stay in this kingdom."

Glenn was all smiles while he was explaining such things. He wasn“t the only one who thought of this arrangement. Truth be told, it was Dwight who told him of such thing and because he knew that Dwight has other plans, he agreed to such arrangement.

As prince and princess, they were ought to have personal servants by their side at all times. However, the Fay royal siblings grew up different from such norm. They do have personal servants but they always need to be served. They were taught to depend on themselves most of the times. Also, due to unforeseen events, they didn“t bring any personal servants to this trip.

However, it“s also okay since everything they need was also prepared. They could also order their guards if ever they need other things.

"We cannot thank you enough for such treatment. However, we really prefer peace and quiet. This arrangement is more than what we could ask for."

Lennard was also all smiles when he said those words. But, deep down, he really has one of his eyebrows raised. Anyway, he thinks that it would be much better for them to have few people from Winsterein by their side as much as possible. This is so true when he wants to talk to Ceres and Gil privately.

Afterthe exchange of pleasantries, Glenn bid farewell and told them that they willbe called for dinner later. After that, Glenn left and the Fay kingdom convoycan finally heave a sigh. -tbc

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