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   Chapter 76

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Glenn soon walked towards the royal siblings and his retainer accompanied him. They soon exited the throne room leaving only Dwight, Orion, sir Milo, and Guy. Dwight then ordered Orion to leave along with Guy.

"Did you already receive a report?"

It was sir Milo who asked Dwight as he went near the latter to inquire.

Dwight heaved a sigh and held his forehead with one of his hands.


Afterwards, Dwight looked at sir Milo.

"Haven“t you received yours, too?"

Sir Milo lightly laughed.

"Let“s play chess. What do you think?"

Dwight stood up and both of them went to another room.


"Father, why do you want to bring Ceres along to the banquet? It isn“t even required at all."

Simbeon protested.

Arcyl suddenly called for a family meeting about the upcoming banquet. However, none of his children expected that the meeting would be about bringing Ceres along.

"I“ve decided that I will attend it with Ceres. Dotrald, you can also accompany us since your daughter would be there. If you want, you can also go with your wife, Finanne."

Everybody who goes to the competition“s banquet knew that an invited person may bring at most two people. This unwritten rule includes the contestants. But in reality, only those with powerful background bring along other people.

On Arcyl“s statement, Dotrald“s expression didn“t change at all.

"I will go with you and let Finanne rest. She has been busy with the household lately."

Simbeon and Noctyrus couldn“t understand why Dotrald isn“t even bothered that Ceres will also go to the banquet. Every one of them basically didn“t have any idea to Arcyl“s plan at all.

What will they do if that Ceres messed up? Wouldn“t that result to everyone having their heads ready on a platter?

"I don“t like that Ceres is coming to the banquet. What will those people think about us? If she comes out to the public, wouldn“t that start the rumors again? And,

ited Ceres right after the meeting. She was currently inside her new courtyard embroidering a handkerchief while her servants are standing by her side and guiding her.

As soon as Arcyl was seen by Ceres“ servants, they all immediately distanced themselves. Ceres, seeing such actions, looked towards the entrance only to see Arcyl. She soon smiled and put down her work to respectfully greet Arcyl.

Arcyl smiled and patted her head. He soon sat down in a chair and spoke,

"Don“t you have someone to at least announce when a visitor comes?"

He looked at the servants. Even though he casually entered Ceres“ courtyard, he didn“t like it. This could mean that anybody would be able to casually enter, too. Thus, he was irritated.

The servants didn“t know what to say and didn“t want to further anger the master of the house. As such, all of them have their heads hanging low.

Looking at this scene, Arcyl sighed and signaled for them to leave. He wanted to talk to Ceres alone.


A/N: I wrote this note on the file itself, once again, to remind myself of what to say. I tend to forget a lot of things.

I sincerely apologize for the super duper late update!!! I thought I need to explain so I will, on the last chapter of this update. For now, please enjoy this update! -tbc

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