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   Chapter 75

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The royal palace is busy arranging for the banquet and now, getting ready to greet Fay kingdom“s convoy. Dwight did summon for his sons to greet Fay kingdom“s representatives except for Lucas. Lucas was currently with Heaven“s Peak delegates and representatives and cannot be disturbed with such trivial things.

Dwight was sitting on this huge and grand chair in the royal throne room while Glenn and Orion were standing on both of his sides. The retainers of his sons were present in the throne room but were distancing themselves along with Dwight“s friend, sir Milo.

Milo is not Dwight“s retainer or personal guard, not even his right hand man or secretary. He is in fact known to be Dwight“s friend and aside from that, his identity is mysterious. Sometimes, he“s living in the royal palace while other times, he is not seen anywhere. He only shows up when he wants to as believed by the royal servants.

However, there are rumors that his status is something high that it might even surpass Dwight“s.

Despite being someone respected by those in the royal palace, sir Milo didn“t like formalities and attention. Hence, he preferred to stand on the side and observed things. He doesn“t like to meddle with a lot of things specifically those that don“t interest him.

Right after arriving at the royal palace, the Fay kingdom“s royal guards were escorted to the barns or the courtyard where Lennard and Leona would stay. As such, Fay kingdom“s royal guards were distributed in specific places right after they arrived at the palace. Leonard and Ceres followed Lennard and Leona to the throne room but they didn“t go inside. Instead, both stayed right outside the throne room without even talking to each other. Gil was, on the other hand, ordered by Ceres to check other places and also, gather more information. The latter action was only known to Ceres.

Lennard and Leona respectfully bowed to Dwight and said their greetings.

"Lennard Reynolds, Fay kingdom“s crown prince, pays respects to his majesty, emperor Dwight of Winsterein kingdom."

"Leona Reynolds, Fay kingdom“s princess, pays respects to his majesty, emperor Dwight of Winsterein kingdom."

"Please stand up. We don“t need such formality since in the future, we may even be relatives."

Dwight cracked a joke which he was the only person who thinks it was funny. As such, he was even the only person who laughed.

Glenn, hearing such things, didn“t show any change in his face whereas Orion

though Dwight“s eyes and lips twitched at Orion“s introduction, he can only lightly scold Orion.

"Forgive this second son of mine. He is really known to have such attitude even by the common people. Anyway, let me allow my first son to accompany you two to your courtyard so that you can now rest."

Then, Dwight looked at Glenn and the latter only smiled.

Withwhat Dwight said, it looked like nothing was unusual for outsiders. But thetruth is that, he actually ignored his second son and gave Glenn another job todo. Orion didn“t mind this and even had his arms across his chest. -tbc

A/N: So yeah... That“s the five-chapter update this time. :D What can I say? I made a three-chapter update on my file without placing any numbers on it. It“s about Ceres, Lucas, and the mysterious person. Hahahaha! It“s way, way, waaaaaay ahead of this current event (in the story) but I suddenly got the inspiration to write it. :D Oh! Please look forward to it because it was only a joke when I said that it was way ahead of this event. Hehe. Thank you!!!

Once again, I sincerely thank everyone who reads and keeps on reading this story. :) All your reads, votes, and comments are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed reading!!!

A/N (part 2): Can I just promote my other story "Beyond Those Eyes". You can browse my profile and look for it. I basically made it almost at the same time I wrote "Ceres". Don“t worry because it“s a complete story (that“s why it“s long). :D If you are waiting for updates on "Ceres", you can try reading it. It“s about reincarnation by the way. Or if you just have the time, please do read it, too. Thank you so much!!

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