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   Chapter 74

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Ceres knew about Leona“s situation beforehand due to Gil. But, she knew the truth when she healed Leona and maybe, she is the only person who knows about it.

Princess Leona Reynolds of Fay kingdom is useless?

Leona was even one of the most gifted people Ceres has come across to. It was only a pity that their family didn“t know much. Hence, it led to them misunderstanding her condition and ignoring any options for Leona. But, if the royal family and their servants heard Ceres say those words, they would cough out blood. Who didn“t know what the royal family did to improve Leona“s condition? They almost emptied out the kingdom“s resources in the past and even expend everything they could only to look for any experts that may help the princess.

It“s just that, Leona“s case was really special.

Aside from Leona“s case, the people also started gossiping about other things. These didn“t escape the ears of those with enhanced hearing.

"Don“t you think that it“s much better to have a woman with both beauty and talent for our third prince instead of only that with beauty?"

"Aren“t you forgetting about the princess coming from a powerful kingdom, too?"

"That is her family, not her. But anyway, it“s political marriage so it“s given that she will only be married because of the kingdom she came from."

"It“s a pity for those who deserve the third prince more."

"Wait, are you talking about general Dotrald“s daughter?"

"Well, I heard that the general also proposed a marriage for the third prince and his daughter. It“s just that, somehow, the news stopped coming about what happened after."

"Maybe they stopped the spreading of news since the emperor prioritized the Fay kingdom“s alliance through marriage."

"Aren“t the Ellions fitting to marry into the royal family? They have been serving the country for so long. And this generation, they produced an exceptional girl, too."

"Do you think it“s unfair to give the chance to the Fay kingdom instead of our own? Well, you“re wrong! What is an alliance to another kingdom compared to other things? Also, the third prince can still have general“s daughter as a concubine, right?"

"Well, even though the general“s daughter has both looks and talent, she still can“t compare to how close the third prince is to her cousin."

"The second miss of Ellion family, young miss Ceres, huh? That good for nothing daughter of one of the greatest generals we“ve ever had. It“s a pity that she

s“ conversation.

She felt a sense of pride rising in her heart. They were talking about Cerbous, her brother in this world. A smile can be seen slowly forming in her lips but it also soon faded.

You can definitely spar with him but if you hurt him in the process, you will have to pay.

If Cerbous heard this, he would surely laugh and say it“s nonsense since he should be the one protecting Ceres instead. But if Lennard heard this, he would definitely smile awkwardly and even admit defeat immediately.

"She... Has an exceptional father and brother yet, she suffers such humiliation. I“m sure she has been through a lot."

Ceres couldn“t help but sigh deep inside at what Leona said and was thinking.

Ceres and Leona may have similarities in their situations and have been through a lot but undoubtedly, Leona“s situation is much better than Ceres“. Let“s set aside Leona“s looks and rich environment that allowed her to grow up and develop splendidly. To cut the story short, Leona has a loving family and also, relatives. Ceres only had her brother.

And now, she can only hope that Ceres is in a much better place... So that even though she already left Cerbous, it wouldn“t hurt the latter that much. -tbc

A/N: Hi guys! I place another note here because I suddenly thought that maybe, some of you get confused with the present Ceres and the past one. :O Anyway, I write the present Ceres normally while I italize the past one. So, if ever you read an italized word (Ceres, she, or her), it pertains to the past Ceres.

I hope you understand what I mean. ^^ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

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