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   Chapter 73

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After the discussion, they headed out once again but it was now towards the royal palace. This, again, left Leonard in confusion and without any idea at all.

However, amidst everything, Ceres told Lennard and his group that she, Gil, and Leonard should still be treated as royal guards of the Fay kingdom. Hence, any conversation must not be made unless necessary. She didn“t want to attract any attention and only serve as personal guards of the royal siblings. With this condition, the royal siblings agreed.

One must know that a personal guard can still be with them in the palace and also, even during the banquet. The only difference between personal guards and retainers is that, personal guards still maintain a distance to their employers. Because of this, during the banquet, Ceres, Gil, and Leonard can only be present at the banquet but only at the sides or shadows. They wouldn“t be able to enjoy the banquet like the retainers.

On the other hand, as soon as the Winsterein royal guards spotted the Fay kingdom“s convoy, they immediately went to report to the emperor. Because the convoy was delayed, they needed to really head fast and announced its arrival so that the emperor and the palace can immediately prepare. Anyway, everything was already arranged for the Fay kingdom“s convoy and the emperor only needed to get ready for the formal greetings.

The arrival of the Fay kingdom“s royal convoy was announced throughout the city and thus, a lot of people were looking forward to seeing it even though they will only see carriages and guards riding horses.

One of the reasons why they wanted to catch a glimpse of the convoy is that the royal siblings were the representatives of the Fay kingdom this time. One must know that Leona“s beauty is one of the best in the continent. In addition, she was with Lennard, the crown prince of Fay kingdom. Lennard is also known to be handsome and not only that, he is also known as a talented youth in almost everything including political affairs and magic.


about a lot of stuff ever since encountering Ceres and Gil.

Meanwhile, Leonard was with Ceres and Gil; riding their horses beside the carriage of Lennard and Leona. They dutifully perform their tasks as personal guards. Of course, because of this, the gossips also didn“t escape Leonard“s ears. He could only grit his teeth and talk with himself deep inside.

On the other hand, Leonard has long been used to such things. He looked like a stern and quiet person but it“s only because he doesn“t say everything that he thinks. He keeps them to himself first.

What right do these people have to insult my sister? They don“t even measure up to a tiny bit of her abilities.

Leonard knew that their little sister wasn“t gifted. Even though they were an amazing royal family, their sister“s condition was something that wouldn“t escape anyone“s eyes. Though their sister is beautiful and has a kind and strong heart, without any talent for magic, she was still labeled as useless and good for nothing in the eyes of other people and even those commoners. Thus, it doesn“t only hurt Leona but also them as her family.

On theother side, Ceres was looking ahead but her mind was filled with other things.She also heard of the rumors about Leona and because of Gil“s intelligencenetwork coupled with her healing the said princess, she knew the truth. -tbc

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