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   Chapter 72

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Lennard started teaching Leona how to gather and absorb spiritual essences. But, no matter how Leona tries, she can only see them.

Even though it was the case, he wasn“t disappointed.

He was actually thinking that even if she can“t absorb it, it wouldn“t take too long before she does. The most important question right now is how did she see spiritual essences?

"Is it perhaps... Because of Cerio? Maybe when he was healing me..."

When Leona said that, Lennard wasn“t really stunned. He already thought of that possibility. Also, he thought of how Ceres was helping him replenish his spiritual essences before. Ceres“ way is not different from the usual spirit healing but there are still minor differences such as the warmth he felt back then.

"If he really helped you... Our whole kingdom would definitely be indebted to him. Also, your engagement with that third prince wouldn“t be necessary anymore."

Leona kept on smiling and she even started fidgeting.

"Father would surely be happy."

Lennard couldn“t help but shake his head and smile once more.

"I“m sure he would... And, mother, too."

Leona looked outside the carriage“s window and she couldn“t get rid of the smile on her face.

But Lennard“s real thoughts are definitely more than those he just said.

If Ceres was able to grant Leona the ability to see pure spiritual essences, what does this mean?

Putting aside Leona“s circumstances, if even Ceres“ knowledge in poisons and her spirit healing abilities were made known to the public, a lot of people will still covet her.

Someone without even an ounce of spiritual essence in their body was able to do such things... This is truly something that would cause uproar in the entire continent.

Thus, this doesn“t exclude their kingdom from wanting to win her favor.

The next question here is why did Ceres decided to show her abilities to them? Did Ceres trust them that much? Or there“s more to this that they need to know?

Lennard sent a message to their father when they were healed and he knows that their father would surely investigate about Ceres. But,

e“s something wrong but before he could even speak, Gil spoke.

"He doesn“t want anybody to touch him so randomly."

Leona arrived near her brother and was looking at Ceres with big wide sparkling eyes full of respect and gratitude. She wasn“t able to read the awkward atmosphere.

To break the silence, Leonard was the one who spoke.

"Why are you so agitated, first brother?"

Leonard doesn“t have any idea since he was left alone by Lennard and Leona at the meeting point.

Lennard couldn“t help but cough twice and then, smiled at Ceres.

"You must accompany us until the end of this event!"

At his side, Leona was nodding her head energetically. It looks like she really wanted Ceres and Gil to accompany them more.


Ceres agreed. It“s not that she didn“t want to accompany them or that she badly wants to tour the city. It“s just that she remembered that she would be with them until the event ends.

WhenLennard heard her agree, he was relieved and heaved a sigh. He really wanted todiscuss about Leona“s situation without any intentions of alerting Ceres ormaking her feel something was off. Also, they needed to pay respects to theemperor right away and wouldn“t be able to talk properly for some more time. Ifin the brief moment that Ceres is not in their sight and she decided to leavethem then, it would mean that he wouldn“t be able to know what he wanted toknow. -tbc

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