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   Chapter 71

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"Those green speckles surrounding you... What are those?"

Back then, inside the carriage of Leona and Lennard, this question stunned the latter.

"Wha-what do you..."

Leona tilted her head; seemingly puzzled by her brother“s words. She was seeing green speckles of light that are surrounding her brother. However, aside from seeing it, she cannot touch it nor feel anything from it. This is what confuses her the most. She can see a lot of these things in the surrounding. All of them are green speckles of light. Sometimes, these lights are alone while other times they would congregate. It differs from time to time. It would sometimes even go near her as if wanting her to play with it.

Currently, Lennard“s spiritual essence was full. He also wasn“t cultivating so there was no need to gather spiritual essence. But based on her sister“s statement, he was surrounded by spiritual essences. And, it was a different kind of spiritual essence from what he usually senses.

In this world, spiritual essences are energies in the surrounding used by people in different ways. It is gathered and converted by one“s body depending on one“s magic attribute. This was the theory made by countless people regarding these spiritual essences. However, this is only true for most of the people. Those who are well-versed and fortunate enough to comprehend the peaks of magic knew that there is more to spiritual essence than what meets the eye. Hence, those theories about normal speckles of light are only applicable to those with low magic level and comprehension.

The green speckles of light surrounding Lennard are also spiritual essences. The only difference between it and the ones that is usually gathered and absorbed by most magic practitioners is that... The former are pure. The green speckles do not need any conversion but instead, only needed to be absorbed. But, do not be fooled by such things. Even though one only needed to absorb such pure spiritual essences, one must first be able to sense them. The reason is that, these pure spiritual essences are different from what normal people gather and absorb in many ways. Hence, these pure spiritual essences are difficult to sense much more to see.

As such, those who can sense these things and use them have far more stable foundation and stronger magic than those who cannot. Also,

inst her beauty. But, more than anything in this world, she wanted to practice magic. Her beauty may be unparalleled in the eyes of most people but it is nothing to her.

She doesn“t want to be the damsel in distress all the times and that fragile princess who needs protection from others. In addition, she believes that she can help their kingdom more if only she can use magic.

But the truth is not as sweet as it sounds like. She, herself, knew that there are a number of other ways that she can help her family run the kingdom or even, protect herself from harm. And so, why does she use magic as an excuse for such things?

This is called deceiving one“s self.

She absolutely wants to be able to practice magic... For only her own selfish reasons.

No matter how much she excels in other areas, without the ability to practice magic, she is still useless in the eyes of other people.

She has a kind heart that understands what other people may want or need, a brain that can compete in different fields of literature as well as to help in their kingdom“s affairs but because she doesn“t have a talent for magic, she is still a worthless princess of a kingdom.

This is the reason why she can only smile when others praise her.

Behindthat smile lay all the grievances that only she herself knows. -tbc

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