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   Chapter 70

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After some minutes, Leonard gave up on the question.

"I really don“t know. Maybe it depends on the person. Although we were assassinated and I really feel like taking revenge, if I implicate other people... I might think twice."

Leonard laughed lightly. Even though he can be harsh at others, it is all for their kingdom. All he thinks is for their kingdom. Maybe, this is why he can be someone who can definitely help Lennard run their kingdom.

"You need to go out as much as you can."

Ceres told him that statement because she thinks that Leonard has a bad judgment of people. Only by associating with different types of people would he be an all-around strategist of their kingdom. He must not stay put and only manage the affairs of their royal palace. If he wants to help Lennard, he must be able to do everything he can do. In Ceres“ mind, he is someone worth to be trained for politics.

But, if Leonard heard her thoughts, he might puke blood on the spot. He was someone already trained to run their kingdom alongside Lennard. Ceres“ standards were just too high that she thinks Leonard made a bad judgment of them. In actuality, Ceres“ existence and background is really mysterious and anyone would be suspicious.

"This kingdom has been troubled by who should inherit the throne."

With just that statement from Ceres, Leonard knew the answer. He was not surprised. He only wanted assurance. Of course, before going to this kingdom, they ran an investigation. They knew some of the issues of Winsterein. That is also why they didn“t want their sister to be implicated in the kingdom“s affairs. However, because it was their father“s decision, they thought that the fight for throne in Winsterein is not that big of a problem; particularly, since the f

re running towards him.

However, the greeting that Leonard expected was different from what Lennard did.

"Where are they?!"

Lennard grabbed Leonard“s shoulders and was hastily running off his mouth.

"They went ahead again."

Leonard could only answer with a question mark on his face.

When Leona caught up to Leonard, she immediately hug the latter.

"Second big brother!"

This brought more questions in Leonard“s face.

"We have to immediately catch up! Let“s go!"

Lennard immediately issued an order and ran towards their carriage; not caring about Leonard at all.

Leona let go of Leonard and was about to ran back to their carriage when she realized that Leonard was still left puzzled.

"We will explain once we get to the capital."

Leona only left those words which made Leonard blink twice.

He was, soon, left alone in the scene.

"Whatthe---" -tbc

A/N: This is a pretty short chapter compared to others. OAO Anyway, thank you for reading this story!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!!! ^^ Thank you for the votes and comments and for my dear mother for supporting my craziness. Hahahaha! I don“t have anything more to say. :D Thank you guys!!!

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