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   Chapter 69

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"This humble servant greets the Empress."

A woman wearing white long gown with a flower bracelet in her left arm respectfully bowed to the empress of the Sea God Island. The empress was standing in a room with a large glass window overlooking the whole island“s capital city, Undine. Her back was facing the woman from the Sea God Temple.

Without turning her body to face the priestess“ servant, the empress spoke calmly but her voice contains a majestic aura.

"What business does the temple have with us?"

"This humble servant was asked to relay a message to the empress. The priestess received an order from the Sea God."

The empress knitted her brows. She doesn“t like those who are not straight to the point.


"Great Magi Conference."

When those words were spoken, the empress immediately turned around and clenched her fists. Her brows were knitted and her lips were pursed. She couldn“t help but get a headache.

What is the Great Magic Conference? It is the greatest magic competition of the continent that happens every five years. Every kingdom, every school, everyone who is considered a genius of the young generation would gather to compete in that prestigious and well-known competition. Of course, the Sea God Island would also send their representative. One must know that Sea God Island is considered as a kingdom which nourishes their citizens in the one and only Sea God School. Everything in Sea God Island is controlled by the Sea God Palace and Sea God Temple.

However, what gives the empress a headache is that, this is the first time that the Sea God Temple meddles with this event. The Sea God School is controlled by both forces but, only the Sea God Palace sends representative to the competition. If the Sea God gives an order, does this mean that the Sea God Temple would send in a representative, too? Also, what do they want to achieve by meddling with this event at this time?

"The priestess wants the empress to know that the Sea God Temple would not send any representative for the Great Magi Conference. The priestess only wants the empress to know that t

"I... I haven“t thanked you for saving us back then."

Ceres only nodded. Although deep inside, she was surprised that Leonard was already changing his attitude towards them. She thought that it would take him more time. She even thought that even when she appears in Fay kingdom in the future, Leonard wouldn“t give up on his pride.

"You really don“t talk that much, huh?"

Ceres, once again, nodded. Leonard returned his gaze to the fire.

"Can I ask you something?"

Ceres didn“t reply or moved. Leonard only thought of this as a yes. Also, if Ceres didn“t answer then, that“s it.

"Back then, the assassination attempt... You knew who did that, right?"

Ceres stopped roasting the rabbit and shared it with Leonard.


This took Leonard by surprise. He didn“t think that Ceres would speak but, it wasn“t about his question. He took the other half of the stick with the rabbit meat and started biting the meat.

"What will you do after you find out who did it?"

All of a sudden, Leonard turned his head to look at Ceres. He was caught off guard by her question. What will he do once he found out who it is?

The most common answer would be to exact revenge. What else is to be done? However, it seems like Ceres“ question is a tricky one. Depending on his answer, Ceres might or might not give the answer he wants. So, he kept on pondering about the question.

What will he do?-tbc

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