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   Chapter 68

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"We will be going ahead of you."

Ceres suddenly said those words which puzzled all of them, except for Gil. Knowing this princess and traveling with her for these past few months, he already knew what Ceres meant and wants to do.

Leonard went near Ceres along with his horse.

"If it“s scouting, we already have people doing it. Why can“t you normally travel with us like our personal guards?"

Leonard didn“t like Ceres and Gil to be ahead of them. He doesn“t fully trust them and he thought that maybe, they will set-up some sort of trap along the way. It“s much safer to keep your enemies close in case something happens.

Ceres looked at Gil and the latter was the one who explained. By now, everyone knew that Ceres didn“t like to waste her saliva and talk that long. She quietly looked at them.

"We are mercenaries and we have received jobs which can be done along the way. This includes some bandits which if we cleared, may help you travel smoothly."

Hearing what Gil said, everyone have dumb faces. They didn“t know whether to laugh or cry. Ceres and Gil are still thinking of earning money while taking advantage of their help.

Amidst the dead air, Lennard spoke.

"We understand you but, we are in a hurry. We have to reach the capital in four days since we need to attend the banquet. If you guys went out of your way and do those jobs..."

Everyone understood what Lennard meant. They need to be ahead of their time since they may not know if there are other mishaps along the way. The safest plan would be to arrive at the capital as soon as possible. Ceres, too, understood that time was important to these people more specifically since they came from the royal family. But, she didn“t want to waste any opportunity.

Out of the three royal siblings, Ceres“ stare landed on Leona the longest. Of course, everyone caught this small gesture.

"You guys don“t have to worry. We will keep you safe in this journey."

Right after Ceres spoke those words, she went ahead while riding the horse given to her. Gil, of course, followed her. Everyone, particularly the royal siblings, were puz

at he was wearing a face mask that he felt he really was wearing one! This is how formidable Ceres“ disguise technique is.

When he realized that they might have gone further away, he started following them once again.


On Lennard and Leona“s carriage, Lennard couldn“t help but look at his sister. Leona was happily humming a song while looking outside.

"Do you think they“ve gone far ahead?"

Leona turned her head to look at her brother.

Lennard could only smile.

"What do you think of him?"

Leona only smiled. Even under her veil, one would feel that a refreshing smile is hidden underneath.

"I think he“s a good person."

Leona“s beauty can be compared to the fairies and elves in stories. That is also the reason why she is sought and admired by a lot of people. However, what everyone did not know was that during the royal queen“s pregnancy with Leona, she was visited by fairies and elves. This story is only known by the royal couple.

The royal couple only told the twin brothers that Leona is a special existence and that she may be able to see the good in people. However, without evidence, not everyone would believe such thing particularly Leonard.

This is also the reason why Lennard was not wary of Ceres and Gil.

"Uhmm... Big brother..."

Lennard was woken up from his reminiscing.

"What is it?"

"Thosegreen speckles surrounding you... What are those?"-tbc

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