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   Chapter 67

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In a certain restaurant of the Royal city, a woman with white and silver hair tied in a bun and wearing an icy blue gown decorated with white lilies as well as a clear blue outer dress was quietly drinking tea. She sat in the restaurant“s second floor and near its window while she observed those outside.


A man wearing adventurer“s clothes suddenly showed up from behind her and sat across her on the same table.

The woman who was looking outside glanced at the man in front of her and then, resumed drinking tea and observing people.

"The North is lonely, right? It obviously lacks people and thus, lacks liveliness."

He was ignored by the woman once again.

"You accepted the job so that you can go outside, huh? I told you, ditch that cold place and instead, live with me."

The man kept on smiling and looking only at the woman in front of him.

She was still as cold as ice but, as beautiful as the white round moon in a starless sky. The man can“t help but reminisce about the past.

The man sighed as the woman kept on ignoring him.

"At least that poison brat talks back. Anyway, you won“t probably see him since he already failed."

The cold woman placed down the tea cup on the table.

"Something good will happen in this event. But, take care of yourself, okay?"

The man stood up and started whistling. He went ahead and blended with the people. The woman lost track of him once more.

Isn“t change the only permanent thing in this world? I hope that this time, something does change...


A man in front of a huge altar was quietly praying with his eyes closed. This place is a hidden ground on the base of the Holy Cross Church.

The man was wearing a red and white priest“s robe with golden embroidered designs and linings. In the altar stood a statue of a beautiful and elegant yet, fierce goddess. This is the goddess that the Holy Cross Church reveres and serves: Amheleka, a supreme being who was believed to have descended from the heavens and saved humanity in ancient times where chaos reigned everywhere.

Suddenly, another person came into the Holy Praying Hall.


rd still doesn“t approve of such actions and thus, doesn“t bother with them anymore. However, he still doesn“t let down his guard and kept close to Ceres and Gil as if he was watching them intently.

Ceres wanted to answer back to Leona that it will be troublesome to do what she wants. Also, Ceres was only after the free horse and food and the favor of recommending her to Evergreen Garden. But if she says all of this, it will only cause more questions and more explanations. Thus, she kept on being silent and did her own thing.

Leona could only snort but just then, she thought of something once again.

"I will allow this however, you have to come with us wherever we go. I won“t allow you to go away without informing us beforehand."

Leonard almost fell from his horse and Lennard had his jaw wide open and almost reaching to the ground.

Did their sister seriously think that she can control someone like Ceres?

However, what everyone didn“t expect is what Ceres said.

"...Only until the event ends."

Gil turned around but quietly prepared their horses. In his mind, Ceres really does whatever she wants to. If someone like this is really what his master wants, his master must watch her properly instead of him.

Leona“s eyes were sparkling and she became happy. She really wants to get to know more about Ceres. She was curious. And we know that sometimes, curiosity will lead to something more...-tbc

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