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   Chapter 66

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A/N: Before you proceed reading, please go back to chapter 65. I sincerely apologize for making a mistake. The supposed ending of chapter 65 is not when Ceres said "Your sister woke up". Thus, I want everybody to please go back to the previous chapter and read the last few paragraphs/sentences meant to be chapter 65“s ending. I will further explain this mistake at the end of this chapter. Thank you very much and I really apologize for this inconvenience.


Leonard rushed to look closely at her little sister. He then sat beside her. Looking at her, he felt relieved. He and Gil went out and saved the whole town. He was actually tired but not because of the work but because he kept on thinking about his siblings. Now that she saw them all well, he heaved a sigh.

The townsfolk were saved but they were still sleeping due to recovering the loss spiritual essence or fatigue from fighting the poison.

Ceres, seeing the two people walk in, slowly put her tea set away. Then, she stood up and walked towards Gil.


It was Lennard who stood up and shouted.

Ceres stopped walking and turned her head sideways.

Leonard and Leona upon seeing that Ceres was about to go were only staring at her and their brother.

"First brother, what are you doing?"

Leonard asked Lennard because he still doesn“t fully trust these people. Even though he was with Gil saving the people, they didn“t talk that much anyway.

"May we know who you really are?"

Lennard then couldn“t help but ask. He may not be able to see this kid but he wanted to know him. Because of this incident, he felt like he wouldn“t be able to trust anyone in this kingdom and thus, he won“t be able to ask around about this kid. He might as well take the chance to personally ask him.

Ceres didn“t answer and instead, turned her head away.

She was thinking that she would just visit them in their kingdom when the time comes. Also, she wanted to visit that poison master before the event starts.

"Please. I don“t mean to offend you. It“s just that, given what happened here, we might not be able to trust anyone in this kingdom. We are foreigners in this place and we might need someone who can help us familiarize with things. Perhaps, you may accompany us?"

Leonard was speechless. Leona had wide eyes. She really wants to get to know this person more.

Ceres and Gil were actually talking through telepathy. Ceres has long been able to send messages using her mind. One must know that only those of high magic level an

see you."

Lucas only kept on walking while Beatrice follows him and walks side to side with him. When Lucas heard what Beatrice said, he stopped but only for a second. Then, he still smiled.


Lucas knew that Beatrice and Ceres didn“t get along well. It was obvious that Beatrice only wanted him to visit their mansion.

"But you don“t have to worry because I already told her that you“re busy with the upcoming competition. Also, grandfather gave her servants already and thus, she“s being taken care of."

Lucas then, turned to look at Beatrice.

"That“s a relief. Well, I have to go back now."

Lucasthen walked away. He didn“t really pay that much attention to Beatrice and thelatter was really angry. However, in the eyes of other disciples, Beatrice isthe only one who can approach and talk to Lucas. Thus, they really thought thatBeatrice and Lucas can be a good match.-tbc

A/N: Hi guys! This update took so long. I had work to do last week and was out of town. Moreover, after I get back, I got sick. lllorzlll My poor lifestyle is definitely showing its signs right now.

Regarding the mistake in the previous chapter, I didn“t notice it until now. Because someone commented on it, I was able to see that previous chapter and thus, saw how less it was compared to the one on my file. *dropsonmyknees* ;A; I“m so sorry!!! My “mouse“ has some issues and maybe it wasn“t able to copy-paste everything from my file to wattpad. <(;O;)>

I cannot think of a way to compensate you guys but someday, I will. Should I throw out a chibi Ceres or a half-naked mysterious man? lllorzlll Just kidding! :) Anyway, please enjoy reading the rest of the update. ^^

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