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   Chapter 65

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The amount and purity of her spiritual essences were definitely different from these people. Is it because she transmigrated? She can“t probe Old Na and Gil. She also doesn“t want to probe other people unnecessarily since it“s troublesome. But today, she was given a chance after being holed up for months with Old Na and Gil. And, it is someone with not much difference from her age.

Ceres sat in a table near the bed. She even took out her own tea set and brewed her favorite tea. One can say that even though Old Na has a collection of rare and precious teas all over the world, Ceres only prefer Winterbell. Thus, she always brings Winterbell tea with her.

Quietly sipping the tea, she waited for Lennard to sit up properly. The latter was already awake even before Leonard and Gil left. Truly enough, Lennard sit up when Ceres was drinking her tea. He looked towards Ceres and respectfully bowed.

"Thank you for saving us."

He hasn“t fully recovered but the only thing left is the absorption and conversion of spiritual essences.

Ceres only nod once when she heard him speak.

Lennard stood up and even though he was feeling somewhat dizzy, he forced himself to sit with Ceres.

He was even thinking of drinking tea with her however, there was only one cup on the table and it was Ceres“. She didn“t even ask him to have some tea even though he sat across her. Not thinking too much about it, he spoke more words.

"I am Lennard Reynolds, Fay kingdom“s crown prince. May I know the name of the one who saved us?"

Because Lennard was more polite than Leonard, Ceres decided to help him with his spiritual essences. Like Leonard, Lennard felt warmth. It was a different kind of warmth; like having to bask in the sun for a long time of being imprisoned in winter. He also felt that the spiritual essences he has are different from the usual. It is rather purer and warmer.

He couldn“t help but look at this person in front of him with wide eyes. How can a mere child without spiritual essences be this adept and skilled in spiritual essences?

It only took a few seconds for Ceres to help Lennard. The difference in Lennard“s and Leonard“s levels is not much. The former has a magic level of 24. Even though it was only a difference of one level, for knowledgeable people, that is quite a difference already. An increase in level as years go by becomes more difficult. However, in Ceres“ eyes, some

rst brother! Little sister!"

Leonard was happy seeing his siblings safe and already moving.

Gil, on the other hand, stood by the door.

Lennard, upon seeing this scenario, can“t help but be surprised. He thought that maybe Gil was Ceres“ master or older brother apprentice. However, seeing how Gil only stood by the door means that Gil reveres Ceres as someone with high status. Right now, he was confused. Is this person in front of him really a nobody in this kingdom or someone with a special status? If it is the second one, he wouldn“t be able to rope in Ceres into their kingdom. -tbc

A/N: Okaaaaaay. The reason I posted chapters today is because I won“t be online next week. I might as well give you guys a heads up. :) With that said, thank you very much for reading this story and I hope you enjoyed!

P. S. Lately, I want to go back and fan girl utaites. (I was on hiatus in my other fandoms until I find my true self. Haha!) My ichiban would always be Inaka-san when it comes to voice quality. :) And thus, I was surprised that he did a cover of Interviewer and Summer Rain. Oooh~ My love for him only grows as I hear his voice more and more~ One of my goals in life is to spread my love for him so that he“ll gain more fans but sadly, even when I went to Japan and met fellow utaite fan girls... They do not know him. ;A; You might as well picture my heart broken into pieces while I try to put on a smile at that moment. Well, I hope you readers may want to listen to his wonderful and soothing voice! I highly recommend his cover of “Kimi ga Suki“ and HoneyWorks“ songs. It“s an order! Hahaha!

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