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   Chapter 64

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"Why would I bring you to my place!?"

Poisoned Ghost Body hastily rejected the idea. He doesn“t even know these people and he only want them killed no matter what.

Gil went close to Ceres and whispered that they need to go already and tend to the royal siblings. Ceres almost forgot those siblings because she became excited when they caught this assassin. She really wanted to know what the lair of a poison master looked like.

"You owe me. I will visit you soon."

Ceres then stood and walked away. Gil followed her. The both of them blended with their surroundings and disappeared into thin air.

Poisoned Ghost Body was, on the other hand, stunned. They left and said that they will visit him. They know his whereabouts? Isn“t that dangerous?

He started thinking whether he will need to relocate everything or not. But, he was struck with another thought.

He wasn“t fully healed! He still can“t control his spiritual essences! What the f*ck!


Before entering the town, Ceres and Gil separated. They erased their tracks and presence and also changed outfits. Then, they met up in front of the inn. She already prepared a number of pills for the people in the whole town but, she doesn“t want to be the Good Samaritan who helps people. In any case, only Lennard“s poison was fatal. Ceres wanted to wait until the royal siblings wake up and make them responsible for healing these people.

Ceres opened the door of Leona“s room and confirmed that she was still sleeping. Then, Ceres and Gil proceeded to the twin“s room. When they walked inside, Ceres saw that Leonard was already awake.

Gifted people are truly gifted, is what she thought.

Leonard put his guard on and instantly grabbed the sword near him. Even though he was still not completely okay, he didn“t care and only cared about his siblings.

When he woke up, he saw that Lennard was lying beside him, sleeping. Obviously, someone saved them. However, he didn“t see Leona. Then suddenly, two people dressed as a

was rolling on the floor in front of him instead.

"You save everyone else."

Ceres looked at Gil and the latter knew what to do. Gil went towards Leonard and told him to stand up as they need to save everyone else. Gil forcefully placed the bottles of pills on Leonard“s hands.

"W-what are these?"

Leonard asked Ceres but the latter was only standing there and not even moving. Gil, on the other hand, explained those bottles for Leonard.

Ceres gave two bottles containing two different antidotes. The first bottle which was filled with antidotes is for the normal people who inhaled the same type of poison Leona had. The second bottle with a few antidotes is for those who inhaled the same poison as Leonard.

Gil also took the liberty to explain their situation. Leonard was surprised to hear that Leona was sleeping next to their room. He checked through his probing and he felt relieved to know she was safe.

Leonard was reluctant to leave Lennard alone with Ceres. Of course, he still doesn“t trust them.

"He is being healed. Let“s go."

Ceres was currently standing there and checking Lennard“s spiritual body. Fortunately, the poison master this time only wanted an instant kill and didn“t do any damage on their spiritual bodies. However, Ceres wasn“t actually healing Lennard. She was in deep thinking. -tbc

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