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   Chapter 63

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Gil appeared right behind Poisoned Ghost Body and executed a move to injure the latter. However, the assassin was prepared ever since he saw that the people that were supposed to do an ambush were instead lying on the ground and not breathing anymore.

"Who are you?"

Poisoned Ghost Body was actually right outside the inn. He was wearing a large dark red hood and cloak which conceals his appearance and somehow, presence. In contrast, Gil was wearing a frowning white face mask to also conceal his looks.

Both Poisoned Ghost Body and Gil continued exchanging moves while Gil was making the former move away from the inn. He doesn“t want Poisoned Ghost Body to discover Ceres. He needed to keep Ceres safe no matter what.

Gil uses a sword while Poisoned Ghost Body was using two ring-like blades. Sometimes, Poisoned Ghost Body would even throw those blades and it would act like a boomerang and come back to him. Even though Poisoned Ghost Body was a renowned poison master, he was also proficient in fighting. He could keep up with Gil.

They continued fighting until they reached the border of the town. Poisoned Ghost Body then started releasing a kind of poison from his body. Gil was not afraid of inhaling it because he drank a lot of antidotes. Also, when Ceres comes, he will definitely be saved.

When Poisoned Ghost Body released the poison, he didn“t think that someone would be that immune to it. He started wondering how and also, who in the world is this person?

He thought about any past incidences and only one came to his mind that may be related to this person he was fighting with: Moss Valley!

"Are you the one who stole my pills back then!?"

Poisoned Ghost Body could keep up with Gil“s speed because his attribute is actually wind. This is also the reason why he can specifically make people inhale his poison. Moreover, he is considered as one of the fastest people in the whole Winsterein kingdom.

Their fight continued and they even reached the forest. As the fight gets longer, Poisoned Ghost Body already released a number of poisons. Some of which even killed the animals, plants, and trees. Poisoned Ghost Body also realized that he should only think about escaping because clearly, this person fighting with him doesn“t lose stamina and also, not affected by his poisons. Those are his secret weapons!

The renowned assassin is clearly at a disadvantage. He is injured while his opponent is not. Gil cut him here and there but those cuts were only superficial and not that deep. However, the numbers of cuts are numerous that one will lose blood if not treated immediately.


yes while he looked away from Ceres.

Ceres was amazed at how such an old person looked like a 10-year-old kid. She thought that Old Na was also an old man and he appears to be around 30s-40s. Maybe, Old Na was around 400+ years old.

Also, Poisoned Ghost Body was clearly disguising himself a while ago when he was fighting Gil. So, this is his real appearance. In addition, when she saw his face, it was a pretty one. If not for his voice, Ceres would have thought that this assassin was a girl.

Maybe he really was a girl... In his heart perhaps?

These were only thoughts of Ceres but thankfully, she doesn“t blurt them out right away or Poisoned Ghost Body would kill himself on the spot.

Because of the silence, Poisoned Ghost Body couldn“t take it and asked,

"What do you want with me?"

He clearly knew that he once again failed his job. If this person appeared at the same time as the one who was wearing a frowning mask, he wouldn“t think that the royal siblings were safe. However, the person wearing a smiling mask and even has an antidote for his self-made poison appeared quite late. This only means that she had saved the royal siblings first.

In Moss Valley and in here, this person has been ruining his plans. Why?

He was thinking hard how many people did he offend in his life time but because he offended a lot, he really couldn“t think who these people are.

Suddenly, Ceres spoke once more.

"Bring me to your place."

She was still expressionless but only Gil knew about it because she was wearing a smiling face mask.

Gil couldn“t help but cough. How could Ceres just blurt out those words? If his master hears it, he may as well destroy this kingdom to prevent her from going to another man“s place. -tbc

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