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   Chapter 62

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"Princess, there“s an assassin. We should escape immediately."

Gil appeared in front of Ceres who was currently meditating inside her own room. They were currently staying inside a certain inn in Winsterein kingdom. They were on their way to the capital city as per order of Old Na. However, they decided to stay the night in an inn instead of camping in the forest.

And who would have thought that the moment they decided to stay at an inn, something bad will happen.

This clearly displeased Ceres.

"Let“s wait and see since such poison is only child“s play."

Ceres didn“t open her eyes but she threw a pill towards Gil.

She knew that Gil“s tolerance against poisons was high and he was also strong. However, she still gave him an antidote because she finds it amusing for someone to use poison in ruining her supposedly rest.

"Is this Poisoned Ghost Body“s doing?"

Ceres asked Gil and the latter only nodded.

When Ceres heard the word “assassin“ from Gil and when she smelled the poison, the only person that came to her mind is Poisoned Ghost Body.

Gil knew that Poisoned Ghost Body was a skilled assassin and if he was here, it shows that he has a target residing in this inn. Wherever his target is located, he doesn“t care and involves other people in his job. He kills innocent people even if they just happen to pass by.

Gil isn“t well versed in poison that is why he doesn“t want to risk Ceres“ safety or else... But, the princess is someone who is knowledgeable in poison and also, someone who doesn“t really care that much about his safety against his master. Nevertheless, Gil already knew what Ceres is thinking.

Ceres still carries her usual expressionless face.

"If it is him, I“d like to meet him."

It was excitement that Ceres felt. She knew that this poison in the air was only child“s play and was only made to take care of the shrimps. But, knowing that one of the renowned assassins was here and presenting himself to her, how could she resist the temptation to exchange pointers?

She has always wanted to encounter this assassin ever since that incident in Moss Valley. The pills she acquired from him were really great and helped her a lot in learning this world“s medicines.

Deep inside, Ceres wanted to fight Poisoned Ghost Body and if possible, come to his lair and see what other pills he made.

Gil understood what Ceres meant and immediately disappeared. He took care of the people who were lying in wait for an ambush. He returned to Ceres“ room only to find Ceres was already trying to sense her surroundings.

Actually, Gil already knew where the assassin is but since Ceres wanted to hone her skills, Gil doesn“t do much. He would only assist Ceres whenever it is necessary or she tells him to.

"I found him."

Ceres opened her eyes. Her sense

ses that is why a person will also remain unconscious for a long period of time with this type of poison.

Lennard“s poison was the deadliest and most fatal among all. He clearly needed to be saved more than anyone else in this place. The poison he inhaled was something that affects both his brain and heart. First, the person becomes brain dead and soon, the heart will follow. Without his foundation and constitution, he wouldn“t last for ten minutes. Fortunately, he“s really gifted.

All the poisons they inhaled were made from several toxins acquired in herbs and beasts. Leonard and Lennard“s poisons are even made up of some rare and precious toxins. But fortunately, Ceres is Old Pang“s disciple and she learned a lot about herbs from that old man. Also, because of studying those pills she acquired from Poisoned Ghost Body before, she also became proficient with poisons. She recalled those memories she had to secretly go out and send sound transmission to Old Pang just to ask him about such things.

She immediately performed first aid and gave necessary pills to at least help them lessen the effect of the poison. Then, she proceeded to concoct the necessary antidote in the order of those who badly needed it to those who don“t. Only at these times would she be thankful to that mysterious man. Without his unique space bag, she wouldn“t be able to carry precious ingredients for her medicines. Some of it are needed to be fresh and she really relied on the space bag because of this.

Lennard“s condition stabilized and Ceres brought him to one of the inn“s rooms upstairs. Next, she cured Leonard and also brought him next to Lennard. Since these two are twins, they can sleep in the same bed, is what Ceres was thinking. Lastly, she helped Leona and brought her to another room. She didn“t immediately cure other people and instead, went to where Gil was. -tbc

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