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   Chapter 61

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Glenn was on his way to the capital city. He sent a letter to his father, the emperor, that he will definitely make it to the banquet. He only encountered some mishaps along the way. But the truth is that, he was planning the stage of his battlefield.

"Are you sure they“re also on their way?"

A man dressed in black robe was riding a horse beside Glenn“s carriage.

"Yes, your Highness. A message was sent over and it reported their whereabouts. They are near the capital city already but halted their journey as they are waiting for your orders."

Glenn smiled devilishly.

"Good. Send them a message. Scatter and make sure to not arouse any suspicion; slowly infiltrate the capital city. We will commence our operations right after the banquet."

The black robed man paid his respects before leaving.

"Let“s see. I wonder how the plans on the other side are going."


Meanwhile, the envoy of the Fay kingdom is currently on their way to Winsterein kingdom.

They stopped at one of the towns and decided to stay in an inn. Fortunately, the inn they stayed at also has a diner on the ground floor. They decided to eat there, too.

"How many rooms would you like to book, young sir?"

The owner was smiling widely. Business was going smoothly these past few days since a lot of people are on their way to the capital city and some of the travelers stop by at their town.

"Three rooms."

Lennard was the one talking to the owner. He was wearing some kind of cap which somehow covers his face. The owner hasn“t noticed that this envoy was actually the Fay kingdom“s. Lennard and Leona didn“t take any offense. In fact, they prefer such thing since it“ll be tiring to talk to people as members of the royal family.

"These are the keys to the rooms upstairs. There are also other guests in this inn and as such, we remind everyone to please get along well. You may also order food inside your room or eat in our diner."

hard to breathe and he felt that his spiritual essences were chaotic. The more he tries to circulate them, the more they become chaotic.

Leonard immediately went to Lennard and assisted him. However, Lennard finally dropped to the floor. He was clutching the clothes in his chest area. He can“t even speak because of the pain he was feeling. He feels like his heart was about to burst.

Leonard was extremely worried. If anything happens to Lennard he swears he won“t be able to forgive himself. Because he was their strategist and tactician, he was supposed to know that something bad will happen yet, he wasn“t able to; and seeing his twin brother in that state only makes him hate himself more.

Lennard“s complexion is turning from pale white to purple. This is not good. It shows that he was nearing death!

The guards who were stronger than normal and was suppose to pave an escape route for them already fainted before Lennard. It is now only Leonard who can freely move but he also started feeling heavy.

When he was about to carry both his siblings out of the inn, he heard a voice.


Then, before he could even look properly at the person in front of him, he fainted on the spot. -tbc

A/N: I didn“t plan to go online but since I did, might as well post chapters. :)

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