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   Chapter 60

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"Remember what you promised, Lucas."

A woman that was wearing fiery red dress is currently accompanied by the third prince of Winsterein kingdom. All participants of the competition were staying in a special street with different mansions and courtyards in a specific part of the kingdom. Even Lucas was not exempted and stayed with the Heaven“s Peak delegates.

"I understand, master."

Lucas respectfully bowed towards his master.

"I don“t want any trouble and you know the temper of our headmaster; plus the fact that you are one of the prized students of our school. We must claim the top spot this time too. Understood?"

Lucas can only agree to his master. They were talking about Ceres. As soon as Lucas came out of closed door training, his level increased a lot. Of course, the news about Ceres reappearing didn“t escape him but he clearly promised the headmaster and his master that he won“t associate with Ceres unless the competition is over. With that, he hasn“t been able to meet or even see Ceres when he returned to the city.

"I will resign to my room. Inform me if anything happens."

Evelyn was about to go when Lucas asked her something.

"Master, are we going to attend this time“s royal banquet?"

Evelyn stared at her disciple. She knows how deeply affectionate this disciple of hers when it comes to his childhood friend. However, it will only hinder his training and also, the headmaster has clearly stated his stand. They can only agree with him. Evelyn shook her head slowly and sighed.

"We will however, the headmaster will also attend and therefore, you must not leave my side. You must not approach that girl. I will also not allow her to approach you."

Lucas took a deep breath to calm himself down. And, he bid good night to his master.

Inside Lucas“ room, he was trying to meditate. No matter what he does, he can“t seem to enter meditation.

"Is it really Ceres?"

He wanted to properly take a look and see for himself; because he knew that something was off. That night when a man infiltrated his courtyard, it clearly shows that Ceres was in

in some place capturing bandits and presenting them to local authorities."


"Let“s go."

Ceres was currently dragging two people without consciousness towards a certain location near the border of a forest.

"Princess, I“ll bring them all here. You may report this to the authorities instead."

Ceres looked at Gil who was carrying four people who also fainted. Then, she blinked twice.

"How many did you get?"

Gil couldn“t help but think about the other times Ceres competed with him regarding the number of bandits they killed or surrendered to the local authorities. Ceres doesn“t want to lose to him. Whenever he gets more than what she got, she would stare at him with half-closed eye and then, walk away.

"You beat me by two people."

Ceres dumped the two people she was dragging on the pile of humans beside a certain tree and started to walk away.

"You“re starting to learn how to lie, huh?"

Then, she disappeared in thin air.

A cold wind passed by Gil. He knew that the princess is mad at him once again. But how can he say that he only learned it from her? Also, how can he say that he was more afraid to displeased her because of his master? -tbc

A/N: The moment you resigned at work to follow your dreams is the moment where doubts will hunt you. OAO I salute those who have the courage and pursued!!! Actually, I am currently in need of your guidance. ;A;

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