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   Chapter 59

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The start of the year was greeted with a cold climate. It was still considered as part of the winter season even though it was on the latter part. Winsterein kingdom was part celebrating the new year and part preparing for the soon-to-be-held schools“ competitions. It was the start of the month of the new year where the competitors representing different schools gather and test their skills in different fields of magic. Maybe even be allowed to participate in the Great Magi Conference.

The Winsterein kingdom“s schools“ competition is held in different cities of the Winsterein kingdom every time it happens. This time, it will be held back at the capital city, Winsterein Royal City, where it first happened. The kingdom prepared special areas for the competitions and thus, there were renovations in the city and it was even expanded a little bit.

Most of the schools really don“t like to meddle with mundane events. However, being magic practitioners, they are responsible for the safety of the citizens and also, some work that can“t be done by ordinary people. This is the reason why sometimes, they involve themselves with powerful forces. Other schools are allied with some cities or even kingdoms because of territorial issues or resources. Winsterein kingdom was then made responsible for the three-year schools“ competitions being held by the schools within its territory. The reason for this is simply to give the headache to the kingdom. That simple. Also, it can be a form of advertisement for the schools. Moreover, having ordinary citizens involve in such events would enable the schools to not go overboard or cause trouble. And, another thing, it can help magic practitioners get to know people from powerful forces of the kingdom and associate themselves to the realities of the world. Last but not the least, establish a kind of ranking within schools.

Regarding how the event goes, it is made up of different types of arenas. This is to cater the different fields of magic that students have. The fighting arena is for those specialized in combat magic such as magic warriors and holy knights. However, fighting arena is not only composed of weapon wielding magic practitioners but also of those who use magic as means to attack and defend themselves. All fighters, close range or long range, participate in the fighting arena. The fighting arena is made up of many battle stages and fights happen simultaneously. For the alchemy department, the arena is about the knowledge of herbs, pills, and other medicines. It is only held in one arena and the process is only through elimination at every stage. The healing department on th

to heal their fellow student in between matches and not participate in the event itself. The healing arena will sure become lonely.

"Will the Royal Military School participate, too? Who did they send?"

"I heard they only sent thirty students this time. Of course, all of those are only participating in the fighting arena. But, I heard that they sent Winston! I want to see him since I also heard he“s both a pretty face and a smart strategist!"

"What are you saying? Is that someone who can beat our third prince? Hmph! I heard the third prince already advance in Heaven Ranking. Who can defeat him in being both handsome and strong, huh?"

"Too bad that prince is already taken! The fiancé is said to arrive in two days“ time. I want to see the princess of Fay kingdom. They say that the princess is as beautiful as the fairies and elves in forests."

"Why do you only talk about those prominent schools? I will bet my money on black horses! Go Blue Seafaring School!"

"Haven“t you heard that they only send students for healing arena this time?"

"That can“t be!"

"They already gave up on the fighting arena since there are too many competitors."

"Then, I will bet on another else!"

"By the way, who are you? Why are you talking to us?"

"I thought we“re in this together?"

"Go away! We“re not done dreaming about our biases here!"

"Hey! We“re not done talking about other schools!"

"Sssh! Who cares?!"

And the other women continued their gossips of who will win and who are the most pretty or handsome participants. The other person who was kicked out of the circle only backed away and then, started walking around the city. He bought a rice cake on one of the street vendors and started eating it while grinning by himself. -tbc

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