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   Chapter 58

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One day, when Arcyl went to the royal palace for some meeting, Dotrald met with his brothers and skipped the said meeting.

They met in a hidden villa not far from Winsterein“s capital, Winsterein Royal City. It was a villa located in one of the towns near the capital city. They wanted to avoid a lot of eyes so they secretly met in that place.

All of them were sitting around a round table with serious faces.

Dotrald was the one who spoke first.

"Lonwarlt finally finished the medicine I asked him to do."

Both Noctyrus and Simbeon were stunned because it only means that Dotrald will be able to make another Ceres.

"I have long prepared the girl who will disguise as Ceres. All we have to do is to plan some more because we must not let father know that this Ceres is fake."

Noctyrus started speaking.

"Wait. Didn“t grandfather already know about this medicine? Even if we pretend this Ceres is real, grandfather will always have a doubt."

Dotrald laughed at Noctyrus.

"That is why we need to plan this out smoothly. Anyway, I have already predicted this so I asked Lonwarlt to make another medicine."

Lonwarlt then, started saying stuff about the other medicine he made.

"...Basically, we will have father drink this medicine once every two days and he will make hallucinations that Ceres is real and alive. Eventually, he will start to think the she is really the real Ceres."

"Are you sure this would work? Father started investigating Ceres“ disappearance privately. What if he found clues and eventually came back to his senses? Aren“t we digging ourselves our own graves with this?"

It was Simbeon this time who spoke. He was hesitant about the plan because he knew how powerful their father is. Also, he doesn“t desire that much power anyway and was much more concerned about his son. If they continue to meddle with the affairs of others, maybe there will really come a time that they would have to pay a price.

Dotrald clicked his tongue.

"You“re being a coward. Aren“t you one of this king

as in closed door training. Beatrice heard this news and was gritting her teeth in anger but Dotrald reminded her that there was nothing to worry about.

The emperor sent spies to investigate if everything was true and all they can say is that they are not sure. But it seems that that Ceres was real. Even if the emperor was not close to Ceres and even hated that girl, he still sent some herbs to help relax and refresh the girl. She was still the daughter of Winsterein hero.


"That girl is surely a fake."

Glenn was holding on a document containing the reports about Ceres“ reappearance.

"They have prepared well but it was still not enough to fool us."

A black robed person was respectfully bowing behind Glenn.

"Your Highness, it seems even Arcyl was being manipulated."

"I know. So it seems that this is all he can do. He was even used by his own sons. What a pitiful father. I knew that when general Ceraph died, Ellions would soon disappear."

Glenn faced the black robed person.

"With your report, we now know that the search for Ceres must now stop. We will quietly go along Dotrald“s plans since our own plans will soon commerce."

Glenn“s lips started to curve upwards. But his smile was so sinister that one can feel goosebumps and chill when he sees such smile.

"A pity that a girl was sacrificed for nothing." -tbc

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