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   Chapter 57

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In one of the stands in the arena, one of the audiences was loudly shouting about the fighter he placed his money on. After a few minutes, he threw the betting ticket he bought and slowly walked out.

"Man, don“t be disappointed. The next match is the main fight of the night."

A person sitting beside him consoled him. They became close be

"Naaa... I“ll just go home because I don“t have any more money with me."

"That“s too bad. Well, see you next time then!"

The man who threw his betting ticket went out of the arena with a disappointed look on his face. It was a normal scene for the arena guards that they did not block or bother the man at all.

Walking in the middle of the bustling night city, the man started whistling a happy tune. He saw one of the street vendors selling rice cakes and started walking towards it. Afterwards, he fished out some coins from his pocket and bought two rice cakes which he started eating while walking in the bustling night of the city.

"Even Poisoned Ghost Body accepted the job. I should probably accept it so that all of us will meet on the event itself. It has been a long time since we met on a job. But considering how lame this job request is, I can“t help but refuse it."

He already finished one of the rice cakes and started eating the last piece.

"Then again, I would really want to witness how much those guys improved. I“ll definitely look forward to the competition this time."

He started smiling and munching the last rice cake he bought. Then suddenly, he quietly blended in the crowd of people.


When Ceres and Gil left Moss Valley, Orion started helping his first cousin, Henry, in the management of their household. No one suspected that it was weird since everyone th

the event. I still have a lot to learn and perhaps, attending that event may help."

Throughout the conversation, Orion“s eyes never land on Henry“s. He was focused on the documents in front of him and the books that he compiled from the previous years.

Henry didn“t take any offense and instead smiled gently. Maybe this time, their Hunts family will really rise from the near extinct state it had before. He couldn“t help but thank aunt Silva for all the sacrifices she made.

"Okay. You better sleep early today or you“ll have to take note how those bags under your eyes can be covered when the event is in front of you."

Then, Henry decided to leave Orion in the room alone.


"Fourth brother, did you already finish the medicine?"

Dotrald was sitting in his study room and quietly studying some kind of map when Lonwarlt suddenly came in.

"It is done. However, this medicine is not permanent and must be applied every week. It cannot be removed by simple means so you don“t have to worry much."


Dotrald lifted up his head and smiled at Lonwarlt. However, that smile was something dangerous.

"Then, we can proceed with our plan." -tbc

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