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   Chapter 56

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The bartender immediately went back to where they came from and only the man and the meditating person inside were left in the room.

The man then respectfully bowed to the meditating person.

"This humble one greets master Poisoned Ghost Body."

The meditating person didn“t move an inch but there were words heard within the room.

"What business do you have?"

The man didn“t lift his head and instead continued bowing.

"This humble one was sent to ask master Poisoned Ghost Body to kill the Emperor of Winsterein kingdom, Dwight Winsterein. The payment shall be discussed when master Poisoned Ghost Body agrees to the request."

The meditating person still didn“t move.

"Tell your master to discuss this with me in person or else, I will not accept this job."

A chuckle could then be heard but it only brought chills down the spine of the man.

"Also, make it fast. Send a sound transmission or else, you won“t even survive to get out of this arena."

The man understanding what the meditating person said immediately ran out of the room. The door of the room once again closed and the meditating person was once again left alone inside it.

Less than an hour passed, the bartender went inside the room bearing news that someone wants to see master Poisoned Ghost Body again. The meditating person laughed a little and told them to enter.

"I see... So it“s you."

It was the meditating person who spoke first.

A man wearing a navy blue hood and cloak was respectfully bowing towards the meditating person. Only this time, the person who wanted to make a deal didn“t continue bowing but instead, sat cross-legged across the meditating person.

Both of them were hiding their identities and looks but it was obvious that both of them knew who the other person is.

"I heard you failed the job requested by the Tanumo family?"

The meditating person waved one of his sleeves and a pill was thrown towards the person making a deal.

"Eat or die."

The person making a deal swallowed the pill without hesitation. Everyone who knows how to make a deal with the Poisoned Ghost Body knows that making contact with the poison master will also incur poison

competition is something everyone must look forward to."

"I trust that you will accept this job?"

"Of course, I can. However, the payment must be made before I execute the job."

"I will deliver the payment later when I can ensure my safety out of your place."

The person standing laughed out loud. And, with a wave of his hand, the person sitting blanked out.

When he woke up, he was currently inside the bar and was sitting in a table with a glass of beer in front of him. Everyone in the bar was the same. The happy atmosphere never left the bar. Yet, the look on his face is something that could kill a person. He didn“t approve of the way he was forced out of Poisoned Ghost Body“s place. However, at least he made it out alive.

"Dealing with that bast*rd is really a pain." -tbc

A/N: By the way guys, I don“t really post or comment on other people“s profile but I“m really thanking everyone who reads this story. :) Thank you for the comments, votes, and for adding this into your reading list. It puts a smile on my face every time I see new notifications and new victi---err readers that took notice of “Ceres“. :D

P.S. Can somebody tell me what happens when you put a story in your reading list? Can you read them offline? Is that it? I honestly don“t know. OMG. Forgive this soul for being ignorant. I guess I“m one of those rare individuals who rarely goes online and also, doesn“t have a hi-tech phone. 【But I“m not old, okay???】

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