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   Chapter 55

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Leona listened to everything that her brothers reported. She occasionally asks questions. This is how she does things. She doesn“t immediately take sides but instead, made judgments after she gathered enough information.

"I still want to meet him though."

Both her brothers froze.

"There are things that even people with status and people who are gifted can“t actually control. Maybe he was forced to accept our arrangement. We all know how father thinks. He wouldn“t pick just anyone for me."

She looks at her brothers occasionally while holding her chin and looking on the floor as if she was thinking hard.

"I personally think that the third prince values friendship more than anything and worries that his friend was mixed with some mishap. I think it shows that he is definitely a good person."

She nodded as if talking only to herself.

"I will still go to the competition. I want to meet him and get to know more about him. Well, that“s the only way to know if we“re even suited for each other, right?"

Instead of breaking her hopes and image of the third prince, the twins actually heightened her amazement towards the said prince. And so, the trip will still continue and they will visit Winsterein kingdom soon.

The most affected person in the group would be Herra. She will never get to celebrate with her lover during their anniversary. Let“s hope they“ll still love each other despite such change of plans.


In a snowy region, north of Winsterein kingdom, a number of people wearing either a sky blue dress or sky blue body fit leather clothing were practicing different kinds of weapons in the midst of a snowy night. Despite the coldness, none of them were wearing any coat or warmers. Instead, they were even perspiring and as if treating the cold night like the middle of summer.

A person dressed in a white and sky blue long gown with a half-tied thigh-length white hair that seems to blend with the surrounding snow was overseeing the whole practice area.

Out of the blue, a woman wearing a sky blue gown stood behind the person quietly observing the area. She half-knelt

oing down.

The path ended within a few minutes and they came inside a huge arena area. The arena was circular in shape and the audience seats were around the battle stage which is then located in the lowest middlemost part of the arena. There were numerous people watching a fight currently happening in the battle stage. There were various noises from people shouting and being enthusiastic about the fight. Of course, these people were also betting so they were pouring their energy in their shouts hoping that the person they placed on their bets will win.

The bartender coughed and the man“s attention was back at the bartender again. Both of them walked towards another door in another area of the arena.

Opening the door, the man saw a person quietly meditating in the middle of it. He was wearing a red hood and cloak which makes it difficult to know what he looks like. The room has nothing inside except for the person meditating in it. -tbc

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