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   Chapter 54

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"Why do you want to attend anyway?"

Leowis couldn“t help but voice his concern. Traveling to another kingdom has a lot of dangers with it. If Leona wants to go to Winsterein, he would, of course, accompany her. That is how worried he is for his only daughter. However, something really came up that he cannot attend the said event.

But then... How can he resist those sparkling eyes filled with excitement?


"What excuse can you come up with, father? You really don“t want your daughter to go? You want to keep me forever in this palace? Is that what you truly want? How can I know of the real dangers and situation of the world if I can“t even go out to explore it? How can you..."

Leona started her monologue and matching it with her teary eyes and pouting lips.

Of course, Leowis sweated hearing his daughter voice out her opinions as such times. Even though Leona frequently goes out and travel within their kingdom by sneaking out and even though he knew about all of those things, he can“t bring himself to openly say it and refute her.

Rupert knows that when Leona starts her monologue, Leowis wouldn“t be able to know how to stop her. Rupert then, loudly coughed to remind Leowis. Leona, on the other hand, glared at Rupert.

"Ah... About the competition... You see..."

Leowis couldn“t really say out the words in fear of having his daughter hate him.

"What, father? Don“t tell me that you really won“t allow it?"

Leowis can“t even look at Leona. Ahh... How helpless for this king of a prominent kingdom.

When Leowis thought that the world would soon collapse, the door of his office room opened with a bang!


A man“s silhouette can be seen from the door.

"Big brothers!!!"

Leona“s happiness can easily be felt with the change in her aura. She immediately ran towards the man who suddenly barged in.

It was the first prince of Fay kingdom, Lennard. However, he was not alone. Another man dressed in similarly royalty clothes was behind him.

He was the second prince of Fay kingdom and the twin brother of Lennard, Leonard.

"My sons, what are you doing here?"

Leowis immediately wiped his sweat and stood up to walk and get closer to his son

wanted to stop Leonard from talking however, Leona“s curiosity was already triggered.

"What is it, second brother?"

Lennard can only click his tongue and sigh. He started speaking because he knew that he couldn“t avoid this topic anymore.

"You didn“t know this because I didn“t want you to know but..."

Lennard couldn“t continue speaking so Leonard spoke on his behalf.

"This is also for your own good. You need to know that there are actually people out there who wouldn“t put you in their mind. Your status, dignity, pride, and everything would be nothing in their eyes. That is one of the truths about the world."

"I know that but what did the third prince do?"

Leona couldn“t help but knit her brows.

"That prince actually accepted another arrangement for another girl in their kingdom without even discussing about that with us."

It was still Lennard who told the truth.

"Your arrangement was only meant to see if you and that prince would be a perfect match. We wouldn“t actually object if it“s only like that. Since we all know that getting to know each other more would be for the good of the both of you. But he actually made another arrangement with another girl without our consent. He didn“t give us any face at all. Does he think we“re stupid? Does he even put you in his eyes?"

Leona didn“t talk. She was only listening to her brothers.

"If he really likes that childhood friend, he shouldn“t have made any arrangements at all." -tbc

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