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   Chapter 53

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"Princess, you shouldn“t go!"

Currently, Herra, the Fay kingdom“s sole princess“ head maid was blocking the princess“ door. She was preventing Leona from going outside.

"Herra! Why do you insist that I shouldn“t go? I only want to see my fiancé. What is wrong with that?"

Leona placed her hands on her waist. She was fed up with Herra preventing her from going to her father.

She heard that the Winsterein kingdom“s schools“ competition is going to be held soon and that their kingdom was invited to witness such event. It is because Winsterein and Fay kingdoms are located next to each other and the royal families are somehow close due to some of their negotiations.

If this happened before, Leona wouldn“t want to go to such event. She would rather travel around their kingdom and pretend as a normal citizen. However, since Lucas was decided to be her fiancé and she wanted to know more about that person, she really wanted to attend the competition.

"F-fiancé? You already considered him as your fiancé? How can you do that when all this time, you never bothered with such things?"

Herra“s knees went weak when she heard those words from Leona. Their princess doesn“t really get along with other guys outside the royal family. How can she boldly say that she wants to see her fiancé? It wasn“t even decided that they are really to be married to each other.

"I... I just heard father say that! Anyway, if he“s a candidate to be my husband, I must at least meet him, right?"

"Princess... Please... It“s not like your father would reject your proposal of going but can you at least think about the dangers of going to that event? You are the sole princess of this country, without your brothers in the royal palace and with them getting busy for the Great Magi Conference, you wouldn“t have competent companions on your trip!"

"Are you saying that all our guards as useless?!"


e to attend. Then again, something came up and he didn“t want to attend anymore so he was about to send a letter telling how sorry he and his kingdom to not be able to have any representative as a spectator for the event.

Why would Leona want to attend? Isn“t she someone who detests such events to the point of even faking illness most of the times?

Leowis coughed twice.

"What changed your mind? I thought you“d rather stay cooped in this palace than attend major events?"

Even though Leowis can“t figure out what his daughter has been thinking, he kept on smiling.

"I want to meet my fiancé."

Leowis“ heart stopped for a second. Thankfully, he is super healthy and also someone who practices magic and he can take such things easily.

"Well, aren“t you against it before? Even your good old brother threatened me just to not allow that marriage to happen."

He couldn“t help but drink the water near him. Rupert, on the other hand, almost fell down because his knees went weak.

"Oh? You“re not going to force that marriage on us anymore?"

Leowis can“t help but force a laugh.

"I didn“t plan on forcing that marriage anyway. If you like him, it“s fine and if not, it“s also fine. Hahaha!"

"So you“re letting me attend the competition?" -tbc

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