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   Chapter 52

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"Okay. Let“s rest. It“s already this late."

Just when Old Na wanted to pat Ceres“ head, his hand froze even before he could land it on her head. Then, soon after, a force field appeared repelling Old Na a few meters away from Ceres.

Ceres looked dumbfounded. Just when Old Na was about to touch her head, she felt something warm inside her body and then it came out and became a force field. She was so surprised to see Old Na flying away in the middle of the night.

Gil, on the other hand, noticed that something lit up on Ceres“ left hand. It looked like a symbol of some sort. He immediately went closer to Ceres but did not intend to touch her even in the slightest.

"Princess, something is wrong with your body. I saw your left hand lit up with some kind of symbol or drawing."

Ceres looked at her left hand but did not see anything. There was a few seconds of silence before she looked at Gil and blinked twice.

"I understand."

Gil slowly tried to touch Ceres“ arm but then again, a force field appeared out of thin air around Ceres. Gil then, went flying a few meters away from her.

She felt the same warmth she felt a while ago when Old Na tried to pat her head. Also, she looked closely at the symbol lighting up on the back of her left hand. It was the first time she has seen those kinds of symbols.

Old Na was able to pick himself up but did not dare to go close to Ceres once more. He only stood across Ceres; with the fire in between them.

"Can you draw the symbol you saw on your left hand? Maybe I can deduce what it is."

Ceres picked up a tree branch near her and started drawing on the ground near the fire.

Gil also returned to their resting area when Ceres picked up the tree branch.

"These are array symbols, right?"

areful, you need not worry."

More like as long as Ceres is careful.

"So we will not be able to know how to deactivate such thing? Is this really powerful that even you were forced to back away?"

Ceres was worried that she had to bare consequences if this protective array is something they can“t comprehend as soon as possible. Maybe even walking around a town or city will become dangerous unless that mysterious person shows up and remove this silly protection.

What in the world is he even thinking?!

Ceres thought of those words and was really starting to get angry at the mysterious person.

First, she was harassed and then second, she was still harassed! This can“t continue anymore.

"Don“t worry. We“ll be able to solve this once we get to my place. I“d study these symbols or even contact someone who can help me."

Old Na forced a laugh and then reminded everyone that they should already rest. Thinking about the solution right now will not be helpful. Ceres, on the other hand, was only thinking how troublesome the protective array was. But, she also resigned into thinking that hard because she still lacks knowledge and skills in making arrays. -tbc

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