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   Chapter 51

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Black Dragon officially became Cerbous“ master. This made an uproar within the whole Soaring Dragon. However, the outside world was prevented from hearing such news.

Ryujin was also enlightened by Black Dragon about the things concerning Cerbous, the Time Mage, and Cerbous“ sister. But of course, he never told the headmaster about everything. He told Ryujin that no one is allowed to know anything about the Time Mage and Cerbous“ sister. Ryujin, on the other hand, controlled the information and he really has the ability to do so. Even though Gol was curious, he knew that Ryujin“s position is not to be trifled with.

With everything done, Cerbous“ training went more smoothly and quietly. He was also considered to be the next strongest disciple Soaring Dragon will have for this generation.

Cerbous was allowed to stay in one of the rooms within Black Dragon“s courtyard. While he was currently indulged in meditation and fully understanding Black Dragon“s teachings, Black Dragon was sitting in one of his gardens and drinking alcohol. Even though he planned to go closed-door training, he decided to take Cerbous as his disciple so he halted the idea. He basically decided on that thing when he talked to Old Na.

If Ceres is someone who will help this world then, her brother may be able to help her: more so when Ceres is someone with a rare attribute and is destined to be hunted by powerful forces unless she“s strong.

Black Dragon decided to help these siblings on his own. He doesn“t really care about the affairs of the mundane world and even in some of their school“s affairs. However, living for far too long and witnessing a lot of things already made him know what he should and shouldn“t do. Well, this is particularly true when he is acquainte

to always be found by this lordship? This is what“s going through the mind of the vermillion bird while allowing the mysterious man to use him as a means of transportation.

Out of all the people that Ceres met so far, Black Dragon was one of those who didn“t trigger his jealousy meter for some reason. And so, the mysterious man thought that at least Black Dragon deserves a good alcohol. The one he was drinking tastes really bad.

"I must ensure a safe path for my princess no matter what."

The man“s eyes were like crescent moon.

"I“ll help her brother since he somehow assisted me in getting her first and casting that useful spell."

But clearly, everyone he“s associated with knows that this mysterious man only does what he wants to do without any consent of the other person or without thinking what the other party will think. Right now, he must only be justifying his act towards Ceres and using Cerbous as an excuse.

The mysterious man once again remembered that certain night in Ceres“ room. He clearly felt happy but feeling his change in mood only made the vermillion bird more afraid of him since it cannot determine what this lordship is thinking. -tbc

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