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   Chapter 50

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"...I am the only one capable to protect you."

Those words linger on Ceres“ mind even after the mysterious man left.

Could those words have something to do with the heavenly laws trying to get rid of me? Does this mean that the previous Ceres wasn“t the end of the message that Iona received but instead, it included even her very existence in Ceres“ body?

She felt like the mysterious man knew all about her, even her transmigration.

If he does, why would he help me?


On a certain street in Kanster city and in the middle of the night, a man with long silver hair wearing an emerald robe with an embroidered cerulean tortoise was slowly walking.

A smile was plastered on his face and he kept on whistling every now and then.

He stopped walking and suddenly touched his lips with his thumb.

"That was really close."

He placed his hands behind his back and smiled once more.

"At least, I got her first."

The mysterious man laughed softly. He remembered those eyes that were staring at his just a while ago. Then, he closed his eyes for a moment and grinned.

"The kiss was necessary for the spell. I wonder what reaction she would make once she knew about it."

Afterwards, slowly, the man disappeared into thin air. The silent night in the city was the same once again.


The very next morning, the trio started their journey. Old Na said that his place was a hidden dungeon he specifically made. It is like any other special place that has special barriers and other things to protect it from outsiders. Without Old Na“s help, no one can even land his eyes on his place.

The trip was long because Old Na“s place is situated at one of the borders of another kingdom. All Ceres knows about their destination is that it is located near a huge rift in the border of Amsthen kingdom. Other information were kept hidden by Old Na. It is not that he doesn“t trust Ceres but he said that it is too complicated to explain while they“re still far from it.

On one of their breaks, Ceres and Old Na talked about their stop-over at Soaring Dragon. Of course, Old Na was curious how Ceres explained to her brother about everything that happened to her particularly if she said that she knew of two legendary existences in the world:

ired of living?

"There are a number of things in life that you have to be regretful for. It is essential for learning. And if you“re really asking if I regretted living this long, I wouldn“t be here sitting near you, right?"

The responsibilities of rare attributes in this world are things that Ceres haven“t learned yet. This is part of their fate and perhaps, if there really are heavenly laws governing this world, it is something that these laws also act upon.

Ceres thought of that time when Old Na told her about his attribute. She knew that there are still a lot of underlying incidents regarding Old Na“s past and the way he is doing everything for the world“s balance.

She decided that no matter what kind of person Old Na is, he is her teacher and she will always see him as a good person.

"You“re a good person, teacher."

Old Na was stunned hearing those words from Ceres. All he can do is smile a little.

I“m not as good as you think I am. These were Old Na“s thoughts and he could only silently keep them. -tbc

A/N: I“m back from the grave!!! I wasn“t able to update yesterday because I didn“t bring my laptop during the trip and thus, you know the rest... Add the fact that I was so tired these past two days.

On another side note, I“m having difficulty with the internet connection because of the weather. I feel like I wouldn“t be able to update until chapter 55 if this goes on. ;A; I wasn“t even able to update WordPress because I can only choose one between it and Wattpad.

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