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   Chapter 46

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Cerbous can“t leave the baby Ceres alone. He doesn“t trust that much people in the mansion. That“s why, even though Ceraph called for him, Cerbous brought the baby Ceres with him.

Ceraph was a loving husband and father but he can never show his love that easily. The moment he saw the baby Ceres on Cerbous“ arms, he took her from him and carried her. Baby Ceres was sleeping and never woke up even though Ceraph took her. Ceraph, seeing the baby Ceres sleeping, finally let out a smile.

"She will grow up like her mother."

Only if she can live far from this family; is what the young Cerbous thought.

"You have to protect her well, Cerbous."

Ceraph looked into his son“s eyes. He personally trained his son and wanted him to be a general like him. However, when Soaring Dragon wanted to take in Cerbous, he knew that he cannot do anything about his son wanting to leave. Yet, he still hopes that his son won“t forget his roots and become strong to protect his loved ones.

"Your mother... What did she tell you?"

"Mom told me to take care of Ceres."

Ceraph nodded. His eyes only stopped at Cerbous for a moment and then, returned to the baby Ceres in his arms.

"Ceres is special. She is the last thing that your mother left to us. We have to take care of her."

Ceraph then, gave baby Ceres to Cerbous and told him to sleep early. They all left Ceraph“s study room. In the next years, Ceraph still continued to patrol borders and watch out for enemies but the difference this time was that, he was much more frequently home than usual. He personally sees Cerbous training with the sword and also, takes good care of Ceres. Unfortunately, when Ceres was three years old, Ceraph met his end on a battle. No one saw it coming. The kingdom mourned the loss of one of their heroes. Cerbous was once again, left with the responsibility to take care of Ceres alone.

What Iona and Ceraph didn“t know was that Cerbous has long read the letter that Iona left for Ceraph on the day she died.


"Oh, about your attribute?"

Cerbous stopped stroking Cer

"Is that why I was killed? The heavens wanted me dead?"

Rather, the heavenly laws killed Ceres?

Ceres already died. She wasn“t Ceres to begin with. Did everything happen to make way for her transmigration? Or everything was only coincidental? And, that it was just a chance that she was there when Ceres died so she transmigrated? But then again, why?

Is it really all according to the heavenly laws? What are the heavenly laws in the first place? Is it the same as fate and destiny?

Is there something in this world like a god? Someone is overlooking this world and making sure that everything is in order?

Did Ceres“ death signify the end of heavenly laws taking action or is it her transmigration that the heavenly laws will act against?


Cerbousonce again became quiet and stared at Ceres before he spoke again.-tbc

A/N: I went online so that I could post the subbed videos I did last time (the life of a fan girl hehe). I pretty much learned how to do things like translating, subbing, photoshop, and many more just because it was pretty rare back then (in one of my fandoms). Right now, I guess I have a number of skills unnecessary for my profession. -_-

Like what a favorite translator of mine said (to himself/somebody/idk), “...knows a lot of things and doesn“t specialize in any thing at all“. It pretty much goes along those lines. Haha!

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