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   Chapter 45

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Cerbous turned his face away from Ceres and looked at the lake instead.

"Mother didn“t die right after you were born. She died two days after you were born."

Ceres was indifferent with this knowledge because she doesn“t recall this from the previous Ceres“ memories. She was also interested in this new information and was listening intently.

"Father wasn“t there when mother died. He had to leave the day after you were born. I was the only one beside mother at that time. The servants knew that mother would die soon and allowed us to have our time alone. She was carrying you while crying at the same time. I remember her last words to me. Even though I was only five years old at that time, I kept it and engraved it in my heart."

Cerbous looked at Ceres and stroke her hair.


"The mistress is weak right now. I believe that she..."

Three female servants were standing outside the mistress“ room. The mistress inside the room was Ceres“ mother, Iona.

One of the female servants was dressed differently. She was the head of the mistress“ servants and Ceraph“s personal appointed servant for Iona.

Before she became an Ellion, Iona was the only daughter of a village head. Ceraph and Iona met while the former was patrolling some villages near the borders. There was nothing particular about Iona except for her warm aura and kind heart. This was also the reason why a lot of people were against her and Ceraph“s marriage particularly on Ceraph“s side. However, Ceraph is the pride of not only Ellion family but also of Winsterein kingdom. How can they deprive him of his wish to marry such woman?

Even though she wasn“t favored by anyone on the Ellion mansion, they didn“t treat her that bad. Of course, everything was because of Ceraph“s status and power. And, she was happy as long as Ceraph and her son were safe.

Ceraph was always away leaving Iona and Cerbous alone most of the times. Then, Cerbous was scouted by Soaring Dragon. This means that sooner or later, he will also leave his mother behind. This made her feel lonely, somehow. But then, when she knew she was pregnant, she became happy once again. All she wanted was for her second child to have a safe and happy life. That was all and she would definitely

owerless... Much more so, against fate.

After calming himself down, he picked up the letter and hid it. He knew that aside from his father, he shouldn“t let anyone see this letter.

When Cerbous went out with baby Ceres, the doctor came in with the head. Arcyl was in the royal palace that time so he was also late. When everyone knew that Iona died, they immediately prepared the funeral. Ceraph was on his way to the borders and so, Arcyl sent him a message the instant that he knew Iona was dead. Although they didn“t know how long it would take for Ceraph to arrive, they were surprised to see him in less than a day.

Ceraph immediately went over to his wife“s corpse. He was a man who was used to killings and seeing dead bodies all over the place. Yet, seeing his wife on that stone table, he can“t help but cry. Everyone was stunned because they knew how fierce and strong this general is on the battlefield. And, seeing this general crying over his wife“s death, everyone realized that he was still a human, after all.

Ceraph didn“t immediately go back to work. He told everyone that he needed a time alone with his son and daughter. They respected his decision. Even the king of Winsterein kingdom sent his condolences and told him that he can mourn for as long as he needs. But of course, as a general, he knew that he can“t. -tbc

A/N: I was seriously thinking twice whether I should go online or not. But, here I am again. :D Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you so much!!!

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