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   Chapter 42

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A young Ceres and Cerbous were standing in front of the graves of their parents. The former was shaking and she was holding onto the arm of her brother.

"Fa... Ther...?"

Cerbous felt the hands of his little sister trembling. She was also forcing herself not to cry.

At such a young age, Cerbous knew that his little sister was different. She can easily understand things and at this point, she knew that their father already died.

Their mother died when Ceres was born and their father, when Ceres was only three years old. At that time, Cerbous was only eight years old and he was already scouted by the Soaring Dragon because of his talent.

He will soon leave Ceres, too.

"It“s only us now, Ceres."

Ceres nodded and wipe her eyes which are becoming watery.

"I... I want to promise not to leave you but, I have to go soon."

Ceres didn“t say anything. She continued staring at their parents“ grave.

Cerbous glanced at his sister. His heart was aching. To leave such a young girl with no one beside her, this pains his heart. He was only eight years old but he already knew that there are struggles within the family and that his sister might not be able to take it.

He half-kneeled in front of Ceres and held her shoulders. Both of them were staring at each other. One with watery eyes and the other with sad ones.

"I“m sorry. Will you forgive big brother for wanting to leave you?"

He bit his lip. For still wanting to leave the household and his sister alone, it was the biggest sin that he could think of. But, how can he protect Ceres if he wasn“t strong enough?

Ceres once again wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. She smiled at Cerbous and even though she was smiling, Cerbous can see that she was only trying to stay strong.

"I know that big brother will not leave me. You will return and protect me."

Cerbous hugged Ceres and his eyes became much more determined. Ceres, on the other hand, continued smiling but no one knew what was really goin

es were staring at the tea cup but his mind was drifting somewhere else.

"Of course not. There are just some things that you can“t change."

Black Dragon could only sigh. He also started pouring his tea that Old Na brought over to his cup and said,

"The hell with your principles and all."

He drank the tea in one go.

"You can“t save everyone all the time."

Black Dragon slammed the tea cup on the table when he finished the tea.

"Man... This is why I love alcohol." -tbc


A/N: I usually add notes only when I post chapters online but this time, I wrote this note on the file itself. I felt that I had to.

I was supposed to put here how I“m teary while writing Ceres“ flashback because I have only watched “Finding Dory“ on this day but... Sh*t. A cockroach kept on crawling around the room and I“m afraid that anytime soon, it will start flying around instead. ;A; And so, to prevent myself from throwing my computer due to that “cockroach-that-feels-it-is-a-butterfly“, I just had to stop writing and go to sleep downstairs instead.

*I“m currently downstairs and I just want to share that that cockroach is super smart! When I was trying to kill it, it hides right away! I saw that it appeared from under the bed and when I tried to approach it with a slipper, it immediately went under the bed!!!*

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